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m18x r2 8970m - Laptop Shuts down

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I replaced my video card from 7970m to 8970 and found a weird problem.  Tried to do a search on here and on Google but no concrete answers...

Whenever I watch streaming videos (Netflix, streaming videos) after about 10 to 15 minutes the laptop just shuts off.  I don't have any games installed at the moment so I cant test to see if it will do it in a game.  I ended up going back to my old card, and 0 issues....

anyone have any ideas?  tried couple times to install each time making sure I have the proper heat pad and compound contact.  

hoping someone might know if it can be a bios, on A12, not sure if it's unlocked. or failed video card or overheating issue....



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Did you install the graphic card's drivers?  Also, did you ensure that it's a video card that was OEM to that Mobo, if it's a newer card you might need the unlocked drivers for it to be stable... and h20 is onto something here with the temps... if the temps are fine then you're install was ok and it's either software or otherwise, but if not, then you might need to retry your install and or thermal application.

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Ended up being the card overheating as the fans were not coming on.  Installed HWinfo32 and setup manual fan cooling and solved the problem. Laptop hasn't shut down since!

but now off to a new venture, replaced with a 980m but cannot get it to work so trying to download Unlocked bios, but site wont allow me due to restrictions?? Think I need to post more to get the file :S

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