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Can I flash a 1070 using Raspberry Pi?

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I have two nVidia 1070 MXM cards, one with G-SYNC and the other without but otherwise identical - but because of G-SYNC their device ID's don't match.  G-SYNC=1BE1 and NO G-SYNC=1BA1.

I'd like to force-flash one of the cards to match the other for the purposes of running SLI without software-level hacks.

I've read about others force-flashing 1070's using other SPI Programmers like the SkyPro II but I do not own one.

I do own a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which I've successfully used as an SPI programmer in the recent past.  Problem I'm having is that my 1070 uses a Macronix MX25U8033E chip for VBIOS and this isn't explicitly listed as something supported by the flashrom software.  I do know that the 8033U is a 1.8v chip from reading its datasheet, so I cannot use the 3.3v output from the Pi to power the chip as I did with my other flashing experiments, so I connected an external DC power supply to send 1.8v to my chip clip and passed the other pins through to the Pi as normal.  Unfortunately flashrom sees no chip connected so I cannot read nor write.


Any ideas?  Yes I can purchase a SkyPro II if absolutely needed but I'd really love to get this working with the Pi!

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