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hp 8460p build with egpu _ Help me

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Hi , i want to use egpu with my laptop but not know how to build egpu with hp 8460p ... does anyone here help me build , my laptop has one mpcie and and one express card , no m2 . i want to use 1060 but not sure it's can use for my laptop 

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There's a E-GPU enclosure made by Vidock, Not sure if it's still around but they do it in both mpcie and Expresscard.


Using a 1060 will experience quite a bit of bottlenecking with the limitations of the pcie/expresscard port and you'll probably see lackluster gains in performance using a second gen intel laptop CPU.


Just think about this before you go through with it.

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I run on hp8460p + exp gdc beast.

You can use the EXP GDC ExpressCard or the PE4C ExpressCard versions.

You won't be able to use the mpcie, because HP8460p BIOS has wireless card whitelist on mpcie ports and anything else won't work (you won't get past BIOS).

There are also some tricks with expresscard, hp8460p supports gen1 and gen2, but I was not able to get EC gen2 working with any GPU with bus width higher than 128b.

So if you stick with cards with bus width 128 you are good to go with EC gen2. The GTX 1060 will probably run only on EC gen1.

You can see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_10_series

I was running on GTX750 Ti on EC gen2 and now I am running on GTX1050 Ti EC gen2.


You can switch EC gen in BIOS.

You can test gen2 with GPU-Z tool.


You will also need Setup 1.35 tool - https://***********/egpu-setup-13x/ otherwise you'll get error 43 in device manager. However, after I re-installed Win10 I didn't have to use the tool again, so give it a try without the tool first.

You would also probably need to try different drivers, for 750Ti 388.71 version worked best for me and newer version caused error 43 or random crash.


It took me about 2 weeks to get it working and stable.

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dont forget even if you have a egpu you still need to make sure the bandwith mhz dont bottleneck with your ddr4 im assuming so if you clocking 2334 x4 @ 8gb sticks 32 @ that CLK needs to be 256k so make sure if your going to do dual graphics be it external or internal the drivers must be a different ark. take a look at the screen shot I have look here https://www.pcgamer.com/dealing-with-memory-leaks/



2 gpu both nvidia 1 NVS driver 1 geforce driver _ nvbiosflash tool.PNG

bash em.PNG

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you can buy an eGPU adapter from various seller sites.There are many tutorials out there on how to achieve what u want.You need to buy that adapter ,a psu to provide power to your gpu and connect it through your laptop's mpcie slot.

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