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Help with 8770w and K4100M

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Hello, I'm new here and heard this was the place to go for help.  I've got an HP 8770w that came with the Firepro M4000 originally.  I bought a Nvidia K4100M and the corresponding heat sink as a replacement.  I've installed it but get a black screen at startup.  It almost seems like it tries to start and then the light on my mouse goes out and it tries again.  I was going to delete the old drivers and install the new ones after it started up.  Should I install drivers first or am I missing something else?  I can easily do the disassembly/reassembly stuff but my knowledge is limited when it comes to software.  Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated!

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    • By yussuaif
      Would really like some help with this.
      I Have a HP 8770W Elitebook Workstation.
      its powered by an Intel Core i7-3630QM, 32GB RAM and an Nvidia Quadro K4000M.
      the Quadro's stock clock is 600 MHz- Core/ 700 MHz- Memory.
      its currently overclocked 736 MHz (+135 MHz)- Core/ 1050 MHz (+750 MHz)/ 1100 MHz (+800 MHz)- Memory.
      The GPU temps stay fairly decent in summer ( between 70-75 Degrees Celsius) while loaded and CPU around 5 degrees higher. In winter the drop to the mid/high 60's so i believe there is still some space there to push it a bit harder.
      The problem is nor Nvidia Inspector nor MSI Afterburner  allow me to overclock the core over 135 MHz, the memory i know is maxed out because anything over just bugs out.
      Is there anything i can do that would allow me to go over that threshold of 135 MHz.

    • By kanenas
      Hi, does anyone have an HP EliteBook with Dreamcolor display and HP DreamColor Calibration Solution B1F63AA?
      If yes, then I would really appreciate if you guide me through the calibration process, cause either I am doing something very stupid or something is really wrong with my software or hardware...
      I am sorry if my English is not very good, it's not my native language.

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