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Overclocking K3000M on Dell M6700 is not possible?

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I use Dell M6700, 2GB K3000M graphics card.
I see the overclock is hopeless.
Computer M6700, Windows 10.
I installed the Msi afterburner, but could not unlock the voltage.
I flash vbios as per instructions:


I open the CMD to the desktop (the folder containing rom and nvflash)
nvflash --protectoff
nvflash k3000m.rom
K3000m rom i downloaded here:
I heard a beep when using the nvflash --protectoff command
 and another beep when using nvflash k3000m.rom
However after doing all that. I installed the afterburner msi, everything is the same. I have edited the MSG afterburder CFG file by making changes like:

Format = 2
CoreVoltageBoost =
PowerLimit =
ThermalLimit =
ThermalPrioritize =
CoreClkBoost =
MemClkBoost =
VDDC_Generic_Detection = 1



All have no effect.

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I disable graphic card in driver manager. and 

I try open NVFlash_Certs_Bypassed_v5.287_x64  with admin and every thing okay. cmd said : restart to take effect. 

But when i restart , nothing changed. @@


Again i try to make usb boot by rufus and bot.  But with freedos, said : cannot open this program in DOS. 

I spend more than 30 hours on it. but cannot overclock Unlock voltage and more than +135 mhz . 

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I'm also looking to overclock my K3000M in my M6700, still jumping around posting things in order to download the ROM, but ill update if I make any discoveries!

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You *might* be able to put it in a desktop and flash the BIOS with an MXM to PCIe adapter, but Dell locks their stuff down pretty hard.

They didn't used to. The Inspiron 8000 came out and the GPU was removable, first one ever as far I know. I was part of that little side project, we were flashing the BIOS, upgrading the card to the Geforce 2 Go from the later model 8000s, then the Geforce 4 Go (Geforce 4 400MX or something), the Radeon 9000, etc...

Dell initially just kind of let it happen but they started getting pretty irritated with the 8xxx forum being filled with video upgrade discussions rather than normal tech support questions.

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To reply to the original post, about a year ago I overclocked my brother in laws m6700 with the K3000m by modifying the vbios with kepler vbios tweaker.  It overclocks really well.

But now I am a little rusty on how to work the vbios tweaker and I am trying to brush up on it because I'd like to overclock a maxwell card (M4000M) with the Maxwell vbios tweaker.

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    • By natasha123
      I want to upgrade my GPU ( K3000M  to other card ) from M6700
      I found it :
      thank u. 
      please help  
    • By eebenbarlow
      The slot on the M6700 is a 26pin 54mmX75mmX22mm Expresscard, which replaced the (quite outdated) 68pin 54mmX85mm CardBus PC Card adapter.
      I am not sure that Dell even makes one of these for the M6700 - actually I am quite sure they don't.
      What I am hoping to do is find a compatible adapter from an older model / 3rd party adapter that I can switch out.
      I have disassembled the laptop and had a good look/measurement of the space and I believe there is enough room to fit a 68pin card-cage.
      I would be happy to do some light modification to any adapter, but I wouldn't like to poke at the mainboard or controller.
      If the above simply does not exist and is impossible to modify - a is it possible to use the eSata expansion bay? It currently houses a 9.5mm slot load r/w.
      I know there are adapters that look like S*^T or stick out of the side of the card-slot for a foot of so - that's not too sexy.
      I would prefer not to use one of the adapters unless I it were a slim-box style that (in theory) I could Velcro to the body or something and have it look proper.
      Could somebody please help me to find a suitable swap? I have truly looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find a solution that looks like a professional job.
      Here is some accurate info from Parts-People:
      (I also checked with them and so far, no luck)
      Also: This is all about an Audigy 2 ZS sound card, my ears cannot substitute a modern product.
    • By szumial
      I have joined the forums some time ago to learn about modding drivers for laptops and thanks to the community here I was able to upgrade my Dell M6700 with a GTX880m. This time I am stuck on a couple of GPU issues that seem to be corresponding to each other. Let me go through these things below.
      I have upgraded the M6700 with a GTX970m - OS is working fine, all everyday tasks going great and by replacing the 880m with a newer card I gained some power and lowered the temperature of the system. In order to install drivers for this 970m (the other card too) I had to modify "nvdmi.inf" file and trick the driver installator to think, that my laptop was an Alienware. I have figured that out by trial and error. However, strange issues happen since the new card arrived:
      - first of all, no matter which new driver is getting installed, after OS restart and some time, the screen flashes and comes back on - when going to NVIDIA Control Panel it shows that the driver installed is v.353.54 - it just changes the driver version as if it was stored somewhere in the OS. Of course each time I am performing a clean install with DDU
      - secondly, from time to time when powered on, all I can see is a blurred image of the Windows' welcome screen, as if the resolution was changed to a super-low setting - a reset helps with that
      - finally, the outcome of all this is that I can't run any game on the laptop for longer than 10-15 minutes. I have recently purchased Divinity 2 and it runs on its "ultra" settings, but the laptop just dies after a quarter and powers itself off, followed by a screen flash
      Now I know that these might be various things in my system, but I have a feeling that it is GPU related and there might be something wrong with the drivers as previously (on the 880m) I was able to run games for as long as desired. And yes, I have already tried monitoring the temperatures, lowering in-game settings and even underclocking my CPU (i7 3940XM) - the CPU gets a bit hot if you ask me - up to around 90 degrees, but other than that, all seems fine.
    • By szumial
      Can anyone relate whether the M6600's bottom access panel door (NND2C) fits M6700 (F2YMX)? I am looking for a replacement and found the older ones way cheaper, looking pretty much the same on photos.
    • By szumial
      I am a new to techinferno - what brought me here is an issue with a Precision M6700 I bought myself lately. The laptop came with no GPU in it, however I have a GTX 880m that fits it's MXM slot. When I plugged the card in I though it was all I needed to do - I'm used to desktop upgrades, so I thought - it fits - why not? Turns out the PC's BIOS can't figure out what card is in it - with Optimus "off" I can see "unknown video card" with 8GBs of RAM. Windows 10 x64 Anniversary Edition works and recognizes the GPU as "Microsoft Universal Video Adapter", but the HWid suggests it's a GTX880 - in fact I can even see it properly detected by GPU-Z.
      So I browsed through lots of topics on upgrading, modding and customizing drivers but none of the methods worked for me, apart from one - Mr Fox's modded desktop drivers. I managed to install all the nVidia components, yet can't get the card working properly - launched Bioshock Infinite to see if it is on and it wasn't. Apparently my M6700 wants to perform only on Intel HD graphics from the CPU (3940XM). I tried flashing different vbios, updated the Dell bios to the latest one (A15), and tried modding NV drivers - no luck so far. Installing drivers (DSE turned off obviously) sometimes gives a post "no compatible hardware was found" and at other times with different mods and versions I get a message that it was all recognized, yet the driver "migh have been corrupted or smth"...
      I still believe that it is possible to make it work if it's only a software issue. Question is - how deep do you have to get into modding to make it work? Is the GTX 880m even worth the effort? Maybe I should search for a way to mess with M6700 BIOS? You might wonder why I want it - the answer is simple - I don't want a Quadro card here as I see a potential for some gaming on the workstation which has excellent build quality and great computing power.
      That's when I come to you asking for help - I've seen people upgrading their laptops with the impossible, so I believe there's still hope.
      Other useful info: I have a spare Quadro K5100 to try out, but from what I've read, there might be issues with that one as well...
      If anyone reads the thread - I was succesful with the upgrade - everything installed and working. I wish it was more stable, but still it runs great. If you need any tips, just PM me
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