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Hack/Workaround to remove "Prototype Test Only. nVidia Confidential" while using 3D.

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Credit goes to lubu for creating a hack to work around this overlay message. Currently there is no real solution from Dell/nVidia and I doubt there will be one anytime soon.

Purpose of method: To replace a bitmap file in nvstres.dll that contains the red overlay with the "prototype test only. nVidia confidential" while in 3D mode.

  • Download PE Explorer
  • Add in the replacement bitmap (see attached)


1. Install and open PE explorer

2. Load your nvstres.dll file which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision (select All Files in File Types)

3. Click on Resource Viewer/ Editor

4. Go to Bitmap folder and select 201 (this is the template of the warning msg)

5. Double clicks on 201 a new window should appear allowing you to edit the file

6. Open the replace201 bitmap file

7. Close the editor and save it as nvstres1.dll (for some reasons it wont allow me to save over the old file)

8. Delete the original nstres.dll and rename the new one as nvstres.dll

9. Restart your laptop

These steps will have to be repeated each time the driver is updated to a new one.


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