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M11X R3 with I7 2657M?

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Does anyone currently own an Alienware M11X R3 with the i7-2657m? I’d be really interested to know the model number of the motherboard since these appear to be the rarest configuration of all. I know they were common on review units and didn’t seem readily available at launch but I’ve stumbled across a for sale ad for an M11x R3 referencing the chip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    • By svl7
      Dell recently posted a new BIOS for the M11x R3 on their support site - A05.
      Grab it here: M11x R3 - BIOS A05
      Release notes:
      Since that's only half the fun I also unlocked the hidden menus, see attachment.
      As always with modified BIOS - use at your own risk, don't change anything you aren't familiar with.
    • By svl7
      This file is an unlocked version of A05 BIOS from Dell for the Alienware M11x R3
      Files contained in this archive:
      READ ME.txt M11x R3 - A05 [unlocked].exe  
      To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below:
      Donation link
      In case you want to buy me a beer
      Thanks and cheers! 

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