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[2570p] 3 of 4 touchpad buttons not working

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Greetings all,


After many trusty years of smooth operation, my 2570p touchpad is acting up.  Actually, the touchpad itself works fine -- but 3 of the 4 touchpad mouse buttons have stopped working.  (The top left button still works; the rest do nothing).


Any thoughts on how to fix this?  It happened all of a sudden; no drops, or other obvious cause.  I'm comfortable opening up the case, if that helps (and replacing something, if necessary).

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    • By test
      The mouse works and comes with the transmitter. The middle mouse button is a bit flaky at times but other than that, the sensor and side buttons work perfectly. 
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      Hi guys,
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      I have a 2570p with gtx560ti using a EXP GDC Beast. 
      The card itself works fine and is stable, although I have a strange issue when plugging and unplugging different USB devices now. 
      I get a BSOD regarding 'video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error'

      Has anyone experienced anything similar to this before? I think it may be something to do with PCI/USB resource management, so perhaps using Setup 1.30 may help fix it. 

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