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P870DM-G motherboard replace - Black screen. BIOS flash with programmer?

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Hello, i have bought P870DMG motherboard to replace mine because it was faulty, but the problem is that laptop doesn't show anything just turns on , fans spins - hard drives spins. I asked seller about motherboard and he said it was used with 970M graphics card, but mine is GTX980 200W card. Is it BIOS not accepting graphics card or can be other problem? I also have usb programmer i thought maybe i could flash other bios. Does anyone knows where is BIOS chip on P870DM?

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If it's anything like the other Clevo laptops I've worked with, there are 3-5 chips that have 'bios' information on them. for a gamer laptop, there are two ITE subsystem chips (KB/EC), the main Bios chip, an ME chip.. Maybe a couple Video oriented chips to program as well.   One thing you might look into, is the processor model that you have in there. Yes it is a good working chip, but some of the older bios's on the laptops won't post with a newer chip. You have to put in an older chip to get it to post, then flash bios's and then swap the CPU again.


The same procedure would be done with the GPU if it isn't posting. It's easiest to find one that it will post with, flash bios's, then swap back to the better card.  I'm sure it is possible to un-solder the chip and drop it into a programmer, but I haven't done the research to do that sort of operation on these laptops.

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