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MSI GX/GT740 (MS 1727) GPU upgrade (k2100m) not working

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Hello guys,


I bought a (HP) Nvidia Quadro k2100m for my Terra Mobile 1772 (MS-1727) to replace the original MSI GTS 250m. Sadly, the screen stays black with the k2100m and the power consumption stays at 45W, so I suppose the laptop isn't even booting. The Laptop has the same motherboard as the MSI GX/GT740 (MS-1727) so I thought maybe a BIOS flash could solve the problem. I successfully flashed the latest offical MSI GT740 BIOS (E1727IMS.10F  05/27/2011) but still no video output with the k2100m. I've read that someone flashed the unlocked BIOS and changed some settings to make it work with a HD7970.


I have flashed the modified BIOS on my laptop and turned on the function you mentioned about (it's called Legacy Rom or something like that and located in advanced->PCI preferences). Then I installed the graphics card and it worked!

Now I wanted to try the unlocked BIOS but I can't download the file here, maybe because I haven't got 5 posts yet. Anyways, could this work for me too or is the k2100m broken? Or is it a gpu vbios problem? Any thoughts on this?


Thank you




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I could try to unlock certain features of the E1727IMS.10F BIOS with AMIBCP by setting everything to USER, but I have a feeling I might brick my laptop. Sadly this forum seems to be very inactive.


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