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With non-k Skylake Overclocking becoming more popular, I decided to see what it’s limits were. Non-k mobile Overclocking stops at 102.7 MHz bclk with the integraed graphics still enabled. My goal was to bypass this with an eGPU and see what could be done. 

I currently have an old Radeon HD 4450 connected through my M.2 slot on my motherboard. Only issue is, nothing seems to recognize the card. I did check to see if the M.2 supports pci lanes and it does. Gpu is being powered by a 400w psu. The Gpu fan does turn on, leading me to think that it is getting some kind of pci connection. Any help in trying to get the gpu to show up in device manager or work is greatly appreciated. More pictures of the current setup are also HERE if that helps.


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Eventually gave up on this. It was an attempt to bypass the internal graphics and hopefully overclock the cpu more. Perhaps the external gpu was too old or not compatible. Don’t really know, but I never could get it to work.

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Haha I was too. Maybe with a proper egpu it could’ve worked. Would have made that cpu a lot better if an egpu broke the base clock ceiling

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