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[Solved] Looking for stock G750JY - GTX 980M 4gb vbios

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Hi everyone,

All is in the title, i've searched it everywhere and cant find it really. I already tried on TechPowerUp, and the only one compatible there makes a blank screen after Linux start.


I used this one https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/166385/asus-gtx980m-4096-140904


Graphic card is still detected by nvflash and Linux (via command line), but as soon as i install the proprietary driver i got that blank screen.


Why i did that ? => I had to change the motherboard and after that WIN 10 was bugging as soon as the Nvidia driver was installed. So i went for a fresh install of Linux Mint 19, proprietary driver was working well except on a specific game, so i thought it was really a GPU problem....until i found that the game problem was something else really simple.

Of course i saved the original vbios, but the copy on usb key failed (i noticed that when i wanted to flash it back mad.png).

So if anyone has it, or could save it and send the file (i can explain how to do, it takes 5 mins) that would be really helpful redface.png Or some kind of .rom that could work on it :angel:

Thank you !

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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