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Y510P 750m SLI display crashes

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So.. I bought this y510p thinking **bleep** yah kick ass i can game when i go on deployment and **bleep**, it was fkn nice for the 1st year.. 1 week after my warranty poops out i started getting these crashes and i have tried a lot of sht to fix it seems like everything in the manual but there has to be something missing because with the lenovo diagnostic tool everything in my system is 100%. I have contacted lenovo several times and it's always a fee for this fee for that and i'm not talking no 9.99 or 15.99, every time it's $99.99+ and I'm sure even if i did pay this from just reading around with people having similar issues when they get their PC back it isn't even fixed.


So I am here one last time before I break this thing in a million pieces and return it to lenovo with a TY letter for taking my system back. Does anyone here have possible solution(s) and im not talking reinstall windows, clean video driver install, reroll driver back to previous version etc. i need the more advanced stuff or just maybe list everything lol this is NOT a overheating problem and it is NOT a hardware problem. PLEAAAASE i will even re-download teamviewer, give my skype or discord info to personally reach out to u i am in desperate this thing gives me more headache than slamming 20 shots followed by with countless 12-packs of brews and a kick to the nuts by a professional soccer player with a GOOD MORNING puck by a Dolphins player


Ive tried doing the slv17 3.05 bios mod config but for some reason i cannot download some of the stuff i need to do it.. 


I can underclock my core offset via msi afterburner but it degrades performance pretty bad


I'll share screen thru skype, ill give u teamviewer access, ill add u on discord, ill do anything for some assistance, been far too long im on last straw ;(

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