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error 43 on GTX 960

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Hello everyone!

After unsuccessfully trying to set up gtx 1050, I decided to take a break.  Now I want to set up gtx 960 instead. I am struggling to get my eGPU working since september 2017. I have read almost every topic about error 43 on this and other forums, but nothing helped me.

So my problem is, that I get error 43 in device manager for gtx 960. I am using newest nvidia driver (390.77). Graphic card is normally detected in device manager, but fans do not spin (as I know gtx 960 cards activate them when card is hot enough).


-laptop: asus x75vc
-cpu: intel i5 3230m
-eGPU: zotac geforce GTX 960 (2gb gddr5)
-EXP GDC 8.4d; mPCIE

-6pin to 6pin cable


I have already tried to:
-install 370.72 driver
-set ATX power switch to ON
-set delay to 7s
-disable my dGPU (gt 720m) before installing driver

-disable my dGPU after installing driver

-different combinations of atx power and delay switch positions

-clean install windows 10 (windows is installed on UEFI)


 I could also try to:

-force gen1 speed using setup 1.35

-change exp gdc or 6pin to 6pin cable

What do you think, could setup 1.35 help there? If anybody has any idea what could I do, please let me know. Your help would be really appreciated. 

Thank you!

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with setup 1.35 do compactation of memory , use nan.do video as guide or ask him for support .

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