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alienware m17x r3 SSHD iSSUE

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hello guys can anybody help me i have installed a sshd drive into my laptop recently and i get a winload.exe error at startup only after a shutdown and turning on the laptop at restarting i get no such issue everything goes smooth.. i tried many clean installs with and without drivers same issue everytimes i even tried ahci in sata option still nothing now its on defaults sata.... but if i place my sata drive hdd than all works fine no issue... what could be causing this issue. i tried 2 sshd same issue with that!!! 


help me please


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Do you happen to know how to force your laptop into the recovery mode for automatic repair or for high level cmd.exe functions?

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i did tried automatic repair and sfscan still issue and only when it turn of and turn on the laptop.. when it loaded normally restarting goes normal all goes normall as sson as you turn in of and on again it goes to recovery winload error or even sth stuck at the loading windows at the booting

tried many os wind 7 8 and 10 all gives a startup issue when turning on again

like the booting partition gets disconnected in the drive 

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