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First I want to thank the community, who have inspired me to do this project.

I will give you guys the chance to follow me on this journey.


I hope you will all help me come up with ideas, techniques and parts that could become handy.


This modding may be possible to convert to allot of laptops.


Let's begin!

Here is the measurement of the went hole.

77mm X 16mm



I have 2 ideas for what can be done.


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Idea number 1:

Cut off the bars where the air is coming out, so I will have a big hole.



I wanted to remove the radiator from the heatsink.



And replace it with a water block like this:



But finding one in the right size is very hard.


This one on the picture is almost identical besides the connections, but here is the measurements:


The first problem:

It needs to be 77mm long,

82mm is too much of course I can cut the hole bigger.


Wide is 40 mm and this is not an issue, it can stick out of the back of the laptop. Also if a leak should happen it won't damage anything.


12mm thick is perfect. The maximum thickness is 16mm!


But here comes the real problem!


If I solder the water block directly to the copper pipes it will be placed above the went hole.


If you look at the photo of the heatsink, the foam is marking where the top of the went hole is.

It means that the water block needs to sit right below the foam.

It also means that I need to put a 6mm copper piece between the water block and heat pipes.


What I am wondering about is will a copper piece transfer the heat good enough???

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Idea number 2:

Cut off the bars where the air is coming out, so I will have a big hole.



I wanted to remove the radiator from the heatsink.



The next bending the heat pipes so they are vertically.





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The reason I do not bend all three pipes is because there is not enough place. I will connect the third pipe somehow.


Now it fits perfectly and it is placed directly in front of the went hole.



This however recruires a different kind of water block.



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I found this MOS water block that might fit.


It is 80mm long, 14mm wide and 16mm high. Keep in mind the hight is WITHOUT the connections.


So even though it is 80mm long, the block is only 16mm high so it will not stick out of the went hole.

The connections will stick out and because the is closer together they might fit through the went hole.


Also the wide will not be a problem either.


Now the question, will the heat sink still transport enough heat when have been bend and is this water block big enough???


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Okay a quick update on a Sunday.

I have been reading alot about how heat pipes are constructed how they work and if they can be faulty?


I have been thinking how I could test if I broke the heat pipes when I bended them. 

Then it hit me!


Heat it up with a candle and feel if the heat travels through the pipes.



I straighten one pipe to measure the length, it is 135mm long.


The two bend pipes got very hot very fast. I was happy to discover the still could transfer heat.

How ever the pipe I straighten out was definitely broken.

While the two pipes I bend was too hot to touch the last one was just starting to get warm.


So yes a heat pipe can be faulty.

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Now another thing I was wondering about, was the GPU memory cooler I accidentally broke off.


It is just barely connected to the copper pipes, also it is made of aluminium. I was wondering how much heat the heat pipes removes from the memory.


I took a working NV100w heatsink and heated up the memory cooler. Alot!



The conclusion is as you see on the picture I could easily hold my hand around the heat pipes.

There is almost nothing being transferred.


Leaving me with new ideas.



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I found this water block from a, Thermaltake CL-W0052 Tide Water.

It is only 8mm thick.

Maybe it could be squeezed in anyway.



I found a usb drive there is 8 mm thick. 

Nope it can not be squeezed in. The keyboard will be bended too much.


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12 minutes ago, Keltbear said:

Any updates on the mod?

Yes I have just bought a koolance exos-lt, and made some modifications to it.

Now I am waiting for the water blocks to arrive. The shipping is very slow!

Koolance exos-LT

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To understand why I modded this device you need to understand how it is supposed to be connected.

The power connection goes to the slot adapter. At the slot adapter you connect the main power and the thermal sensor. The thermal sensor should be connected to the CPU???? Stupid system I think.




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This is how it should be connected. But as you can see I removed it.


I made it way more simple. Now I can connect 12v power directly.



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Also I connected the thermal sensor to the main board. Instead off the outside board.

It is the black wire with tape around it.


I connected the sensor to the reservoir, through the same hole as the power cable for the pump.


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I tested if it was working, by filling a bowl with boiling water and dumped the tubes into it. After 1 hour the fans was still running at idle. The temperature went from 26 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. And yes I changed the water 2 times.

I also tried covering the fans and when the temperature raised to 51 degrees I let it spin up to full speed and removed the cover. The temperature went to 38 degrees again fast.




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I am having a 2960xm i7

Stress testing for 30 minutes with the water cooler only running at idle:

Constant 4.4 GHz on all 4 cores

Max temperature 84 degrees.

Water temperature max 46 degrees.


This is insane! I already have the three piped CPU cooler but i cannot hold 4.4 GHz for more than few seconds before it throttles.

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My first solution didn't work out, I could not put the laptop back together. Not enough space.

So I decided to make a new heatsink and connected two single pipes heatsinks into 1 heatsink.

I put som rubber tube at the end of the pipes, glued it together so it would connect the two pipes.


It was hard as fuck soldering every together, if I had a second chance I would have done it differently.


If any one would make this mod, just buy the two piped heatsink on eBay, drill/cut the ends put something around them and glue the hell out of it to keep it from leaking.





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Now here comes the fun part that all have been waiting for. The performance.

I use Artic MX-4 thermal compound. It is very good, but not the best for overclocking.

Billedresultat for Arctic Mx4

My room temperatur is about 23 degrees.

Idle temperature


Overclocked to 4.4 ghz. After 30 minuts with stress test, it never got any higher than 80 degress. That is amazing!!! Specially because I do not use any overclocking thermal paste!!!


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Because a stress test isn't a realistic load on the CPU I tried overclock it even further, and test under normal load.

I managed to overclock it to 4.9 ghz!!!

I played Star Wars battlefront and the temperature and performance was amazing!!!


"4.9 ghz stable with normal temperatures!"


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The biggest bottleneck now is the power supply.

When both my gtx 980m runs at full speed the CPU throttles to 800mhz for a brief second and goes back up to 4.9 ghz again. 

It does not really affect the FPS. Maybe in more CPU heavy games.


"Now the problem is, that the power supply cannot keep up and the performance is dropping"


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The conclusion is that this watercooling increases the performance alot!!! Also the fans on the water cooler newer speeds up. The water temperatur never go past 32 degrees.


Small update:
I had to reposition the thermal sensor because it touched the pump. It made temperatur rise to 51 degrees even without hocking it up to my laptop.

Now it measures the temperatur coming out it instead. 

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Am I done?


I have a big big suprise coming up. When it arrives and I have installed and tested it out I will show you what I have made,

Actually I have two new water cooling mods comming up. One may be a little hard to make, the order one will blow you mind.

The only thing I will say, is you will be able to use the stock air cooling together with the watercooling, making it possible to still use the Alienware without the watercooling!!!

The first part of the mod have already arrived, now I am just waiting for the last package. :whistle:

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    • By Awesome14
      Over the last 10 years I've found laptops throttle the processor speed in order to keep fan noise down. I prefer the fan to run noisily, and the processor to run at full speed. I've developed tried and true mods for lappies and have demonstrated their effectiveness.
      I have two Lenovo W541 laptop workstations with I7-4940MX processors and discrete nVidia graphics. On one I overhauled the cooling. Copper shim between CPU and hsf, AS5 on both sides. Shims between hsf and inductors near CPU and gpu, and shim on the gpu.
      Used 'thinkpad_acpi' Linux kernel module to set fan to max speed. Ran mprime (prime95 for Linux) AND Unigine Heaven, alternating,  to cure the AS5. Then ran mprime. Temps were slightly high. But laptop processors tend to run hot. 
      The I7-4940MX is a 3.1 GHz, 4.0GHz. Turbo processor. The modded machine ran at 3GHz. continuously running mprime, for weeks. The unmodded machine with the same max-fan-speed software tweak and stock thermal-interface material, throttled to 1.7GHz.  at the same running temps.
      Clearly, laptop manufacturers are robbing performance off the top, by inferior cooling hardware and materials. Granted, getting the cooling mod to all fit together correctly with smooth, flat surfaces requires hours of work and materials not normally found sitting around the house.
      I normally do not mod the CPU die. I abrade copper surfaces down to 1500 grit paper, and then polish with scapings from a bar of buffing compound. Everything is done on 1/2" plate glass to maintain flatness. The final mirror polish is done with the compound granules on a clean, damp cloth.
      Desktop processors mostly have slightly raised corners, so smoothness is not as much of concern. You're going to get thermal-interface compond completely covering the center of the processor. The ideal is to fill the microscopic gaps between the cpu die and the hsf, but where there is metal on metal, have it be. 
      Metal to metal provides 100s to 1,000s times the heat transfer of thermal paste. But, on a desktop, there are more effective cooling solutions than moving air. Most user are satisfied with their laptops, because the processor doesn't run full speed long enough to make a difference.
      But I enjoy tweaking, and I do processor-intensive work, like batch editing 100s of large images, video rendering, security testing, password recovery, network testing; that are all severely compromised by poor, stock laptop cooling solutions.
    • By Swick1981
      Bios Release Version – v2.0.0

      Updated or Modded Items:
      SVL7 Also created the PRR2.EXE tool that allows you to flash the new bios by unlocking it.  (FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR THAT FILE PRR2.EXE)
      Here are ALL the things I've added, modded, and enhanced on this bios -
      I've added FULL LEGACY SUPPORT ON THIS BIOS with ONE or TWO CARDS (SLI).  You can FINALLY use Win 7 OS on your machine and run the 900 series GPU's! 
      This is a MAJOR breakthrough!
      LEGACY SUPPORT Confirmed.  Works with 900 series GPu's in single OR SLI formation Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6 ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Updated MAIN GOP Policy module for the m18xR2 Eliminated some code that wasn't used in the m18xR2 Updated CSM Module (v2) Streamline some coding to make mod(s) run a little more efficiently (v2) Added FPARTS.TXT to rar file in v2. (I had forgot to add it in v1) v2.5 to be released shortly.  I've updated a few more modules that I didn't realize could be updated.  (It's only 3 modules, but it's still an update!)   It should be released in about a week.  Hope this helps ya'll!  
      Instructions to flash:
      Use a flash drive to create a boot disk into dos Unzip ALL files into the root of the flash drive (flash.bat, r2final.bin, fpt.exe, flash.bat, prr2.exe, fparts.txt,m18r2.hdr, m18r2.hdr.bin, readmefirst.txt) BOOT INTO DOS – Note, that when you set the bios to legacy in order to boot into dos, you MAY have to reinstall OS!  (Just be prepared to reinstall no matter what) Once you boot into dos, run the file flash.bat It will unlock your bios (THANKS TO SVL7’s BIOS UNLOCKING TOOL – ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS TOOL!) Let it flash… Reboot your pc, and enjoy the MASSIVE updates!  
      Be on the lookout as I do plan to release newer version with more updates in the future.  However, it wont be for at least a few weeks as I'm now working on legacy support for the m17xR4 and several other systems.  So please be patient!
      Thread link for more information and discussion:
    • By svl7
      Files contained in this archive:
      FTP-DOS.zip prr2.zip M18x R2 - BIOS A03 'unlocked.zip M18x R2 - BIOS A08 'unlocked.zip M18x_R2_-_BIOS_A08_-_[unlocked]_-_[IRST].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A03_-_[unlocked] - [IRST].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A09_-_[unlocked].zip [FPT]-M18x_R2_BIOS_A09_-_[unlocked].zip [FPT]-M18x_R2_BIOS_A10_-_[unlocked]_V2.zip M18x_R2_-_BIOS_A08_-_[unlocked].zip M18x_R2_BIOS_A03_-_[unlocked].zip  
      For information on how to use the files in this archive, see here:
      My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer
    • By Crustieraxe
      Hello Guys this is my first post here!
      So my original post was this:
      "I don't even know if any active forum is out there on this laptop and on this issue, but after installing my new DHCG2 LTN173HT02 120hz display, I am unable to boot up on it. I do have a modded bios which the video setting is set to PEG, and just about read every forum about this but have not found a solution. I have tried resetting the bios, made sure the cable is plugged into the Edp port, and have made sure I have an UFEI Windows installation and legacy mode is turned off. I don't know what else to do and if anyone could help it would mean alot to me! "
      The reason it was not booting up on a pure UEFI environment is because my 660m did not have the GOP compliant driver vbios. You would need this in order to boot up in a pure UEFI environment which at the time I didn't know, and my fix was to stick to legacy. Any card before the 660m will most likely require this if you need to boot up in a pure UEFI environment. If you do not have this vbios driver while it is set to UEFI and plug in the 120hz lcd, it will beep 8 times and you will be forced to plug back in the 60hz display to change it back to legacy.
      This was the vbios that I can say worked for me and had the GOP compliant driver for the 660m
      These are the steps to upgrade from a normal 1600x900 60hz display to a 1920x1080 3D 120hz Display which is needed if you want to update your graphics card to a more modern one.
      I am making this guide because I felt frustrated that for this awesome computer, there aren't really any post in 2020 to upgrade the LCD panel to the 3D 120hz one. And The older posts I scavaged through really helped me little in doing this upgrade.
      Anyways lets begin
      1) If you have a stock AMD graphics card, and are wanting to install the 120hz display, then your journey ends here and you will have to upgrade to an NVIDIA graphics card to do so. If you have an NVIDIA, you may continue
      1a) ( Only if upgrading to pascal graphics card )Your NVIDIA card Needs to have a GOP compliant vbios  or else it will not let you select the UEFI option on the bios. This is needed because you need to set a UEFI environment before upgrading to a 1060/1070 Since these cards don't support legacy mode. This means you will need to flash a vbios onto your card that will allow you to boot on a UEFI Environment. You will need to verify first wether your card has a GOP compliant vbios by searching up your vbios version in GPU-Z. If you have a 660m that doesn't have this, then here is the link to that vbios that does. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/144032/144032 I think that all of the Nvida 6XXm are not GOP driver compliant and need this but do not quote me.
      2) On the 60hz display, I would start by making sure that you have windows 10 installed or reinstall with UEFI support as it is needed if you are installing a pascal graphics card. If you have legacy mode enabled, and are not planning to upgrade to a pascal graphics card and keeping your old Nvidia 6XXM, then disregard this and head on to step 5 (although I would recommend to read everything)
      3) turn the laptop off and boot into the bios. In order to boot into the bios, spam the F2 key while it is turning on.
      4) Once in the bios, go to the Boot menu, and make sure to Disable "Secure Boot", Make sure that importantly if you converted over to a UEFI installation of windows, UEFI mode is chosen (UEFI  Environment will be needed for a pascal graphic card and legacy will not be compatible) then again, if you are on a legacy installation of windows 10, disregard this if you don't want to upgrade to a pascal graphics card.
      5) we can now start looking at the 120hz display. I bought mine on ebay with this seller https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Dell-Alienware-M17X-R4-17-3-FHD-WLED-3D-V-M-LCD-Screen-DP-N-DHCG2-GN36T/273644412867?hash=item3fb67a5fc3:g:9A0AAOSw5AhcP1pw:sc:USPSPriority!32720!US!-1 (Just in case the link goes bad, this was the listing name"Alienware M17X R4 17.3" FHD WLED 3D V M LCD Screen DP/N DHCG2 GN36T"  with the screen model being  LTN173HT02 and Dell part number GN36T )
      6) Since my listing came with the video cables, I did not have to go out and look for the video cable. If yours did not come with the cables, You will also NEED to get the video cable it is required. the Dell Part number is N392W. I cannot stress enough This video cable is required and the 60hz's video cable CANNOT be used with the 120hz one or else you will brick your computer from what I read.
      7) Once it comes In, we can start to take apart the computer to Install our new display. I watched this video to remove the old 60hz and install the 120hz panel 
      8) Before I would remove the whole 60hz lcd panel, I would first make sure that you can boot on the 120hz panel. Notice that there is one connecter with screws on both sides right next to where the 60hz screen connecter is. Make sure that you put the 120hz one with the connector where screws are. This is known as the Edp port and cannot be confused with the LVDS port. Again, you want to plug the new 120hz display into the EDP port and unplug the 60hz one.
      9) If the installation was done correctly, then you should have no problem booting with the screen. if it is giving you 8 beeps, then just plug in the 60hz display, and navigate back to the bios to make sure everything is in order and refer back to steps 2-3. If you happen to be an advanced user like me and went ahead and installed a modded bios, then on the 60hz display make sure that the video setting is set to PEG. I dont think this is necessary to have a modded bios since the bios automatically changes the video setting when the 120hz display is detected and should be a last resort option to install a modded bios. I got my modded A12 bios from a guy in this forum named klem for 10 US dollars thorough paypal. Shoot him a message in the forum below.
      10) Once the new LCD is tested and you know you can boot up with no problems, go ahead and finish removing the old 60hz LCD and proceed to finish installing the 120hz LCD. And you are done. 
      A couple of words from my personal experience: When I installed the 120hz display, and booted up windows on it, and turned the computer off, it refused to turn on for some weird reason. I don't know why it would turn on when the AC and battery where on. regardless of what this was, I fixed it by Reseting the CMOS. If you don't know how to do this, do a quick google search and after turning it on i got 5 beeps which i then turned the computer off, and then turned it back on which the computer just reset itself and when it turned back on I was able to boot up into windows.
      This is the forum that I was able to find about upgrading the graphics card to the 1060.
      Anyways I hope I at least helped someone transform their computer! In 2020!
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