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Purchase Alienware today?

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Hello, my question is ... are you interested in an alienware m17x r4 / m18x r2 today?
Are the problems of these models solved?
I have M15x with 920xm and gtx970m. By power they will be similar I imagine.
What is your opinión?

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Hello everyone, I bought a m17x r4.


On the machine, I see that there is a lot of plastic and rubber, much worse than m15x, that old glory, he swallowed everything without complaining.

I did a clean installation with windows 10 and putting the win7 64 bit drivers went all to the dark side with an unrecoverable boot error. So I installed the windows I had initially.


Please someone is so kind to tell me:

-version of driver that I should use
-order of the installation.
-advices about this machine


Data of the machine:

cpu 3740qm
gpu gtx675m
ram 20gb
LG Philips 60hz fullhd screen
3di recon sound
ssd 500gb mx500 crucial disk (gpt)
ssd disk 32gb msata (raid cache)
disk 750gb wd black 7200rpm
wifi killer
uefi start


At the moment everything works except the microphone, webcam, last button (comand center)



Thank you very much

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the only issues I had on windows 10 was getting the command center working and also the audio Controls app. but the both can work. the command center needed a specific version to work and the audio needed the drivers form the 15r1 and the creative labs thing from the m17x r4

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