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clevo P150EM impossible to flash BIOS

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Hi all,

Please help me

I've flashed my Laptop clevo p150em with latest BIOS V 1.02.17 and EC/KBC V 1.02.11.
Now I want to reflash it again with latest original Eurocom bios

EC V 1.02.11EC
BIOS V1.02.17EC v3b GTX9

but there is a problem. I did everything according to the instructions, but after I ran step2.bat, the flashing process stoped itself and only the cursor was blinking in the lower corner (and nothing happened)

There is movie link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0k1tqw3abwzmcpx/racer_p150em.mp4?dl=0

Generally I am not able to flash any other bios (the result is still the same)

Does anyone have any idea, how to solve it?

I also tried the following (unsuccessfully):

Remove system battery, disconnect adapter.

Disconnect CMOS battery, hold down Power Button for 45 seconds.

Thank you in advance for your help


PS: the reason why i want to flash it, is GPU upgrade (from AMD 7970M - bricked, to NVIDIA 970M)


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In order to flash the same version (which it is, according to their ids) you have to force flash it, skipping the id check. With afudos it's '/X', so check the parameters of your 'part2.bat' file.

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Thanks for the reply, 

Unfortunately AFUDOS with parameter /X is already included. (in the part2.bat file)

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Add '/JBC' to the string (in case it can't detect the battery) and replace the afudos in the package with this older version:

AFUDOS v3.07.7z

Recall that some reseller's bios versions didn't want to flash over systems of different resellers. Perhaps flashing the stock version resulted in Eurocom's flash to halt. This stock afudos version shouldn't care about that mismatch.

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Even in case when I changed AFUDOS to version 3.07, still same problem.


I have already tried the following (unsuccessfully):
P150EM_BIOS05 - Eurocom original
P150EM_EC05 - Eurocom original
P150EM_EC08 - Eurocom original
P150EM_Bios10 - Eurocom original
P150EM_EC11 - Eurocom original
P150EM_BIOS/EC14-clevo - Clevo original
P150EM_BIOS/EC16 - Eurocom original
P150EM_BIOS/EC16-clevo - Clevo original
P150EM_BIOS/EC17 - Eurocom original
Racer_2.0_X_BIOS/EC_2T_nvidia9xx_latest - Eurocom original
P150EM_17_11_PM_v2 - Prema

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Could try using FPT instead. There's a copy amongst the files already, but it's only used to flash the ME atm; modify the 'x.bat' file by adding '-bios' at the end of the fpt string. 

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