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Clevo P150SM Sata Problem

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First off all Hello,

I recently installed Sandisk Dashboard and Found out that my 256 gb Sandisk Ultra Plus is only using a 3 Gb/s connection instead of a 6 Gb/s connection.

After that I installed Intel RST to get the latest AHCI driver but the connection changed to 1.5 GB/s instead of 6 Gb/s.

Than I reinstalled Windows 10 with uefi Boot enabled just to try that out but it didn`t changed it either.

I checked the Speed with AS SSD benchmark and got around 240 mb/s read and 220 mb/s write speeds with the standard windows AHCI driver and around 120 mb/s read and 110 mb/s write speeds with the latest available IRST drivers.

So I wanted to know if anybody can help me to get the full 6 GB/s connection that should be possible with SATA 3. I also tryed reflashing the bios.


PC specs: 

Clevo P150SM with 

I7 4700qm

GTX 780m


256 Gb Sandisk Ultra Plus in SATA Port 0 & 500gb HGST SATA 3 drive in SATA Port 5

Latest drivers installed exept IRST because it slows the PC down 

Latest Bios flashed

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