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M17x R4 update gtx680 4gb problem

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Hello everyone.


I'm have been reading and i'm still confused about what to do. I have an Alienware m17 x r4 (from 2012) with one geforce gtx 675m who just stop working. 

And after looking for some replacement i find one m680 4gb. so i bought and i install it and it was working the first time without problem. But After restarting 

to the problems start and now i always have 8 beeps and a black screen. I can't make work the internal graphics card because i have a 120hz screen.


i tried so far clear the cmos.

Make new repaste.

I open everything and take of the cable from screen and put it back. 

I try my old gtx 675m who now only work with external screen connect and it works without beeps. but the screen its always flickering.


I have a official bios on A13, and i don't know if its a good idea to downgrade for an unlocked version.


and i don't know what else to do. Can someone help? 


Thank you.


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Hello everyone, I need your expertise, I have a m17 r4, (2012) unlocked A15 bios thanks to Klem, it has a Gtx 675m in it now, 

I would like to know the best GPU to upgrade to without losing a lot of the factory functions of the alienware laptop, like being able to use both VGA functions such as intel 4000, and the factory bios for the cooling of the GPU, I don't want to solely rely on the nvidia

As a full dedicated GPU, let me know what VGA card to get and what vbios to use, I will gladly donate beer to you you for your help,

Thanks, Shelby,  Aka captcavy

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    • By danger007
      Well I am back, sort of.
      Reminder of Stats
      *Alienware M17x R4 (bought June 2012) w/ Intel i7 3720QM@2.6ghz (Ivy Bridge) including the igpu Intel 4000 HD series
      8GB Ram, 17 Inch, SoundBlaster software only Recon 3DI, and the normal stuff that comes with it
      *Graphics Card:  Originally shipped 660m, upgraded to 7970m, 7970m died early, with community help moved to MSI 4GB 680M (flashed to Dell thanks to @svl7) and installed I think 314.xx drivers with help from many (sorry can't remember everyone but notable was @J95), was running 7970m in whatever they called their hybrid drivers, the 680m is run in Optimus)
      *OS:  Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1
      *Storage:  Msata 1tb Samsung 850 Evo, 2 Hitachi 1TB 7200 rpm 2.5" drives (yes I used all 3 GB or will)
      So what will you read.  What got me started on this project and then using all the resources on the net, from @J95 and legions of others I owe all credit for the project too.  Please note I take no credit, take no rights, this is simply something to help others out based on working with what has already been laid down for us.   Installing the latest Nvidia 417.67 mobile/notebook drivers for a 680m for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 on Alienware M17x R4
      When I got things up and running back in 2016/2017 with the noted people above I saw a new driver and with the STO game having a driver issue I upgraded to it.  Now I didn't notice anything wrong, the game worked and so paid no attention.  When I started to get unable to eject 680m error messages I thought great who got this, ejecting a gpu, wrong.  I then tried the uninstall Intel, Nvidia, use DDU in Safe Mode, disable AV/Firewall, disable driver enforcement, etc then reinstall intel, nvidia (removing certain folders) with the modified inf but now the game said it couldn't find any feature set and wouldn't let me play.  Finally removing the Nvidia drivers allowed at least the iGPU to run the game.  Used Unigine Heaven 4.0 to encounter more errors with Nvidia.
      I moved back to my msata install of windows 7 that I haven't had a chance to work on since 2017 (i know pathetic) that only had system drivers, expired Norton, and not yet registered/activation.  Seems fine.  Tried to run Heaven, same error.  Well after 3 days of trying to duplicate what I had been instructed to do, I finally sat down with a nice big bottle of Fiji Water (courtesy of lovely lady at the Oscars in almost every background pic) and decided I was determined to fix things.   I downloaded the 419.67, copied the nv_dispi.inf & nvdmi.inf to get to work.  After reading the content and using comparisons once again from the noted individuals and the legions of other, I had them modified and decided to give it a try on the clean win 7 install from 2 years ago.  After the uninstall, ddu, deleting folders, copying mod. inf to their directory (also included the change to setup.cfg - credit once again goes to individuals like @J95), gyrxiur, DeathAngel , creator of Notepad++, sora and many others) I was able to launch the Heaven 4.0 Benchmark.  So I am assuming that I have the new 419.67 working on my system.  I did a benchmark of the 680m in 419.67 with unigine Heaven 4 to go with the files I am posting.  Please note the bios was provided by I believe @svl7 (sorry if I got wrong person) and no overclocking of it other than what the changed vbios did.
      I am attaching below the following:
      Nvidia 419.67 modified inf and config - nvdmi.inf, nv_dispi.inf, setup.cfg (no credit to me all credit belongs to others)
      The Unigine benchmark results (txt file).
      Now the shortened legalize warning
      Please remember you are to take all risk when using modified inf files, I take no responsibility (no virus or other dildrus included) if they don't work with your GPU.  The usual.
      This was tested and used on Alienware M17x R4 running the last bios they released A12 or A13 and so it the system bios is not modified at all, the card is a MSI 680m 4Gb flashed vbios to Dell 680m 4GB, and installed in Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1.  Hopefully if you have only a different card you can make any minor adjustments you need to.  
      Please let me know how they work.  I will also be reporting back on the reinstall on my other laptop install I use to play Neverwinter/ Star Trek Online - was suppose to be a temp solution till new install was finished, and if they worked on it as well.
      Alienware M17x R4 680m 419.67 Mod Inf and Setup and Heaven 4 Benchmark.zip
    • By MessiWessi
      I bought a alienware m17x r4 a few weeks ago. The problem is: I have noise (distorsion) on the right speaker. Had anybody in past the same problem and is it a known problem regarding this model? I feared at the beginning that the soundblaster is defect but I tested it with headphones and everything is fine. I already ordered a new speaker pair and will install it within the next weeks.
      But if you tell me that this problem is known and not resolvable I can save my effort.
    • By Skyl3r
      Hello all,
      I purchased a Clevo 980m to upgrade my current system as described below:
      Alienware m17x r4 24GB (8+8+4+4) i7-3920xm GTX 680m SVL7 A11v2 Unlocked BIOS Windows 10 Professional  
      I was able to install the GPU with no major issues. (Had to remove the clevo backplate, and use the clevo screws instead of the Dell screws).
      What I attempted to do to make the GPU work was the following:
      Before install, I set laptop to UEFI, disabled legacy ROM, enabled Windows 8 Fast Boot. I also left switchable graphics on, because I am fine with Optimus I booted the laptop and did a clean install of Windows 10 Windows 10 automagically detected my hardware, including the 980m. So I tried just downloading 980m drivers from NVidia and installing them The 980m does not work. It shows in Device manager with the yellow exclamation point saying "Windows has detected a problem with this device ..." So I tried running DDU, then modifying the INF by following the guide here https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php (I searched for a device in the Dell/Alienware .inf that had a PC model code of 0551 which I obtained from the hardware ID of the 980m, then cloned that line, changing the GPU model code to reflect the 980m's GPU model code. Then added an entry into the [Strings] section for it.) I had the same results after installing the drivers with my (perhaps incorrectly?) modified INF. I tried rebooting with PEG only and Integrated disabled, then running DDU and reinstalling using the same modified .INF and had the same results. Windows loads fine, and ONLY shows the 980m in device manager, but still says it has an issue.  
      Above is what I did in the order I did it.
      Does anyone have an idea if I did something completely wrong or I missed a step or anything? I heard this was the best place to ask
      This has been solved now. Thanks much to naightmehr. The solution was a correctly modified .inf file with the right driver version. 
      If you find yourself in the same situation try installing some old driver verisons. The one that worked for me was 352.84! Rock on fellas!
    • By code9523
      I'm facing some problems with AMD FirePro M6000 in my AW m17x r4.
      I got this card from Dell precision m6700 and it was fully working.
      I installed it in to my aw m17x r4 it can detect it as amd gfx in bios but the gpu fan is not spinning and its get very hot! 
      When laptop boots the fan turns on for a couple seconds and turns off.
      (I checked many times the fan connector and it's totally fine)
      I can manually turn it on in windows with HW info.
      I tried to flash different vbios's from techpowerup collection but any of them didn't turn the fan on.
      I had same problem when i installed gtx980m from aliexpress to the aw m17x r4 but after flashing vbios from TI fan started working just as it should! 
      I attach the dump i took from the card before flashing i think it's original dell vbios for firepro m6000.
      Also aida64 detects it as 7870 but windows says it's 7800 and GPUZ says it's cape verde...
      By the way the aw m17x r4 runs unlocked a11 bios from this site.
      If anyone knows how to solve this problem please respond.
      Cape Verde.rom

    • By AleksR17x
      Being an Audiophile i had to get all the functions up and running for my Almost new R4
      How to get updated driver.. and Thx control panel to work under windows 10 64 bit (who has 32 installed on an R4 anyways)
      I have DDU disabled always, Windows 10 in Test mode.
      Do this after all the other drivers/apps are updated, NVIDIA, Visual C etc.
      1.:ownload the latest driver for the Recon 3Di chip itself. This specific driver package is for a later revision that has another firmware on the effect side so the Control Panel does not work.
      But we are not after that here, we need the latest driver so it will work optimally in W10.
      2.: Thx Control panel:
      Download the standard Audio driver package M17x R4 / M18x R2
      3.: Right click the exe file and extract the contects to a random folder.
      Go to Program files\Creative\Sound Blaster Recon3Di\Sound Blaster Recon3Di Control Panel
      Copy the contents of this folder over to Program Filesx86\Creative
      Make a shortcut to the desktop. Run it, and you have control over all settings  
      (optional) Delete the Newer Recon 3Di control panel folder if you installed that with the newer package that does not recognise the older Chip.

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