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yo bros I have some china oem latop bios for you guys . you can find them on other webside but they allways cost money or unusable chinese webside (IF FLASH WRONG VERSION BIOS GRAPHICCARD WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE BUT YOU CAN FLASH correct VERSION TO FIX IT)

59d952a74c9b1_.png.7d97a549b2e48bd14942bbc12c8fb33a.pngthis is mechrevo x6 (ntsn1511) Download



x6s.png.44ddf47bb582fd1c9d17b63ee254e3c7.pngthis is mechrevo x6s(ntsn1521) Download

fengmai.png.f7a4fd01eb0f201320f0da44a29cbdb1.pngthis is fengmai s(ntsn1523) Download


if you dont know how to flash or which ver you should use you can ask me

if you have any hardware problem ask me for help


like graphic card dead without flashed wrong bios

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      I have an MSI GT783R that is defective (turns off randomly) and now that I moved to US, I found out that it may be possible to repair/upgrade it.
      Since I'm relatively new in DIYing laptops, I have couple questions that I believe someone here may be able to answer. Below:
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      I have other questions but they are dependent on the answers of these two.
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