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Dell e7440 EXP GDC V8 Internal Display

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Hi All!


I recently brought a external GPU setup and have been testing, I purchased the following:



Dell DA-2 


Dell E7440 Laptop (8gig Ram , Intel i5,  Intel 4400 Integrated graphics card)  - No descrete GPU.


I have been reading a lot of helpful stuff on this forum and thought I would put my problem out there and see if anyone knows a fix ! 




Everything works great with the EXP GDC with External HDMI connection!


However the Laptop screen is always BLANK when the graphics card is working.

When using the external GPU and go to device manager my Intergrated Intel 4400 has the little yellow sign next to it with error 43 “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) ”


I believe this is the issue , from what I have seen on other peoples pictures both graphics cards should be working without errors , including the Intergrated intel 4400.

I have tried many times to boot the external GPU after boot but this never works.  And if it does work the card simply doesn't display in Device Manager.  I believe this is because my PCI ports are not HOT SWAPPABLE.


I actually have the same issue as this person: https://www.reddit.com/r/eGPU/comments/68ip6m/external_graphics_on_dell_e7440_with_working/


I think the trick here is I need to get this Intel 4400 working so that I can do the driver hack in order to send the GTX960 to the internal display.


I have played around in GPU Setup 1.30 by ****** .  However No options seem to work.


I tried bios options but it is very limited and there are none relating to graphics cards as there is no D-GPU in this machine.



What I think the issue maybe:


*My laptops PCI ports are not HOT SWAPPABLE therefore I cannot turn on the graphics card after the computer boots and the laptop only wants to use 1 card and disable the other


*My laptop does not have a D-GPU (no built in gpu just the intel 4400) therefore maybe this means it does not have optimus and I cannot switch between graphics cards or have two running at the same time?


*The Nvidia drivers are not hacked correctly and disabling my Intel card




If I cant use the Internal Display this setup is no use to me so any advice would be very helpful !


Thanks heaps !!


- Andre














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Update to new setup 1.35 , what have u try in setup1.30 ? as messing around does not say much, once u purchased software have u asked author for support he is very helpful .

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Hi Andre, how are you?
You are from Brazil?
I also have an E7440 and iam wanting to mount an EGPU. Did yours work well?
Please, I need your response to continue my project. I'm afraid to invest and not work well.
Thank you!


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