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need a unlocked bios for msi gt70 0nd any one can give it to me my, model is Msi gt70 0nd 805es 


cpu 3630qm 


gpu gtx 675m 2gb / looking for upgrade to 780m 4gb i'm not sure if the laptop can boot with this gpu 


the propose with the modded bios is tweak some on bclk raise the cpu voltage and tweak the ram because is cl 11 and stay running at 1600mhz i'm looking for 1866+


i found a thread with a modded bios but i'm not have permisions to dowload 



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Try to find yourself a cheap 3720qm or up, they can do a partial unlock and get 4 extra turbo bins. I have 3720qm with Clevo unlocked bios and raised power limits that turbos up to 3.9ghz and multi core stress tests at 3.4ghz, and a 3740qm that maxes at 4ghz on another

Bclk OC is usually underwhelming, a few % at best, since you're running stuff like PCIe out of spec and they don't like that, most I've ever gotten out of a laptop is 103.5mhz or 3.5%

Also look for Svet on MSI forums a small donation and he can make one for you

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