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Help troubleshooting - Sager NP8651 - Won't turn on

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Hi everyone,

I purchased this laptop on Xotic PC in December 2014 and I absolutely love it !
But yesterday, after transporting it in my backpack in public transport, it simply did not turn on when I pressed the usual button (picture 1).

I opened it and here is what I noticed :
1. One hinge seems to be twisted (angle of 5°, downward), see picture 2 and 3. It is the hinge right above the on/off button and when I try to open the laptop it makes a weird plastic noise
2. On screw support of the two fans used for the GPU is broken (picture 4 and 5)
3. The screw support that fixes the back panel to the right part of the hinge is broken (therefore the back panel is broken partially)
4. The laptop led are yellow when it is charging, picture 6, (and I don't remember how it used to be before but it might be normal).

I have two questions for you guys :
a. I am still not sure whether the issue is coming from a motherboard issue or a faulty connection on the on/off button. Is there a possibility to "force" the laptop start ? Where is the on/off connection on the motherboard (picture 7) ?
b. What would you do in my case ? Knowing that the warranty has come to an end and that I now live in Paris (France).

I found replacement part online (hinge and motherboard but not the cover), i could dismantle it but I don't have the tools to do any soldering. What would you recommend ?









Thanks everyone,


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the Monitor cable might be loose, i dont think it should break down so easily.

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