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[Request] W870CU, GTX 680M and Bios

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I have bought a Clevo 680M with 29 vBios, but my W870CU refuses to detect it, in Bios it says: VGA Card: Unkown. It boots, but shuts down after ~1:30 mins, and after 1 minute blinking touchlights.

Is there a way to get it working?



Clevo 680m - 'OCedition' revised_01.zip


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I would like to know if @Prema knows how to do this? Are you able to mod the original bios to allow this card? I would be so happy to get it working :frantics:

Since a 7970M is somehow working in this unit, then a 680m should be also fine.

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I have another idea how to get it working, but I don't know if that works:

I could change in the graphics bios the vid and pid, so for example it gets recognized as a 485M, maybe that would work. Next thing would be getting the drivers working ..

That would be easier, as of now I could not open the mainboard bios for editing, it's a shame that clevo locked down the bios that way..

Edit: nibitor doesn't work for that card, so I cant change the vid and pid :yawn:

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