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eGpu Beast V8 crashing

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So deal is that: 
I'm using Acer V3-571g Laptop (I7-3630QM, GT 640m, 12gb ram, Windows 10 64bit).
Paired with 1050ti (375.63 drivers)  over egp gdc beast V8
Tested with Dell DA2 power supply and other 600W Power supply from my server nothing changes.

Problem is that sometimes egpu just reconnects itself or something like that. Connected monitor just loses signal like pc isn't even turned on and after like 5 seconds starts to work again.
That wouldn't be much of a problem, but if I keep 3 of my monitors connected to gpu than it never starts to work again, and I have to restart my pc.

Sometimes this happens like 10mins after I start my pc, sometimes I can play anything whole day and it never happens.
Both power supplies work fine, gpu temps doesn't affect it as it can happen while at idle or big load temps, cpu temps also doesn't seem to affect this.

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I'm going to get tired of reposting this thread.


I'm also probably going to get flak because perhaps I might even be misleading people, myself included, but as yet I can't find any alternate possibility other than EM interference that some other guy managed to resolve by physically moving his PSU away from the eGPU.



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