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Alienware 17 8 beeps EVGA X Precision

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I was hoping @Mr. Fox or some would be able to enlighten and help me on this as it stands my notebook is useless at the moment. With research I've seen the method of repair seems to be with hotswapping display panels and flashing a good EDID.


These were posts Ive read from last year, have their been any improvements? Any and all software/tool download links and or instructions would be immensely appreciated. I'm hoping to go to my parents tomorrow and attempt to hotswao the panel from my old m14x R2 and hopefully be able to boot t456's linux tool..

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Hi. Yes, what you do is temporarily install a known good panel, boot Linux. Disconnect the good one and connect the corrupted panel while on the Linux desktop. It will work flawlessly once POST has cleared, but Dell/Alienware made the BIOS in a stupid way to halt if no valid EDID is found during POST. With the corrupted display connected, follow the instructions provided by @t456 using his Linux EDID flashing tools.

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