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Will this 230w AC adaper work?

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Clevo Model: p150sm-a (Prema mod v2 BIOS w/ SVL7 vBIOS)

Chipset: Intel hm87


CPU: Intel 4810mq

RAM: 32GB Kingston Hyperx Impact 1600Mhz CAS 9

2x SSD (Samsung 850 evo(Win10) & Crucial M500 120GB(MacOS))

Storage: HDD WD 7200rpm Scorpio Black 750GB

Power supply: Chicony a12-180p1a  (19v @ 9.5a = 180.5 watt)


I'm looking for a bigger power supply since my GPU seems to be underpowered. It get pwr capped in GPU-z while running Firestrike v1.1. 

The max TDP during the benchmarking is at 59% and max temp at 67c. The temp and TDP are around the same when I bench with 3DMark 11 with an overall score of 11,895 and graphics score of 14,210.

My CPU temps are good as well, at only 65c during all of this. I am using Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste and pads and highly recommend this upgrade if you are running stock thermal interface materials.


Firestrike v1.1 Highest Benchmark:

Overall score:  8,721

Graphics Score: 10,458

physics score: 9,278

combined score: 3735


So, the question. Will the following AC Adapter work for this setup to help optimize my system abilities? I don't plan on going crazy with the overclocking, I just want it to run faster while rendering videos, running 3D programs like Realtime Landscaping, and 360 panorama photo stitching. 




If not, which power adapter should I use? Do I need a 330w to get the most out of this system? I've done a fair amount of reading, but alot of the threads are older, not very conclusive, or provide very expensive options $200-300. I'm hoping to find something under $100. If this isn't realistic then let me know. I appreciate the help.


Thank you,


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Can someone please?  I have done my research on this, Im not being lazy here. I know about the x75 adapter, but don't like that option as I feel the wire should be a little thicker, like 14 guage, for the amount of power it will be pulling.  What are your thoughts on this?  I don't want to do any splicing. Thank you!

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I'm using the 230W one bought from Sager. A bit out of your budget but it works well for my P650SG which has the same plug as your P150SM-A. If I'd known about the one you linked, I would've got that instead! As long as you get what's in the picture, you should be good.

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I decided I want to get a slim power brick I've found online, but it has the wrong connector. I need a 5.5mm x 2.5mm plugs, preferably a right angle like the one I have now on my 180w power brick. I'd rather not take the scalpel to my current power cable, but it's looking like that will be needed to get what I want. 


A little help is always greatly appreciated.

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