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GDC beast not turning on

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I am very new to this stuff, but i decided to try to do an eGPU setup. I have the EXP GDC Beast, a GTX 1050, and an EVGA 500 Watt power supply. I have the beast plugged into the power supply with the long 20 pin connector and the 4 pin connector labeled "CPU", but the beast and the PSU never turn on. There are no fans on and no lights. I can get it to turn on for half a second, then turn off again, if I unplug everything, then plug in the HDMI(plug that connects to computer), then the power, but it seems like that will break it, and this only happens when the left switch is set to "PWR".


I have the left switch set to "ATX", and the right set to off. 


I have no whitelist because I have an Asus laptop, and the laptop turns on as if the GDC beast is not connected.


Have any of you had this problem, I am stumped right now.



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Hi, i want to use the same adapter with an GTX 1050TI. But i never testet the buttons on the EXP site. I connected with my ATX and it runs fine. Green led turn on and all startet.

What kind of connection do you use? I have PCIe mini and ExpressCard i startet fine.

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Hey, thanks for replying. I got it working. It was dead on arrival and I got a new one. I am using mini PCIe.

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