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Y510p Second GPU causing BSOD after sleep/hibernate

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I recently re-pasted my second gpu after seeing that high temperature, in some instances it would shoot right up to 90C and slowly getting to 99C.

So I re-paste it, it was complete mess, paste as overflowed under the plastic sticker that was there.

The process had good and bad results, gpu temperature readies are very, very good, Zombie army trilogy maxed out it stays at 70, at idle is 26C right now, main GPU is 31 and CPU 40.

The bad part  every time I wake the pc up from hibernation or sleep, it causes VIDEO MANAGEMENT INTERNAL BSOD. RE-installed drivers with DDU.

Sometime between the re-pasting and re-installing i had a Unauthorized slave vga present after lenovo logo.

If I disable SLI in Nvidia and the disable the gpu in device manager, sleep and hibernation work properly but when i try to enable it it gives code 31.


In short, The card works better as I used kombustor to stress it for a while.

Gup causes Video Management Internal on wake up.

If i disable it, I cant enable it because it reports code 31.

In BlueScreenView I see, Caused by driver watchdog.sys,  caused by address watchdog.sys+34ae, bug check is 0x000010e, parameter 1 is 0`02d.

directx Graphics MMS and watch dog driver.

try'd in another Windows 10 and has the same problem.

Other things I did was to move the boot device .

Runing Stock 3 05 BIOS, updated the VBIOS from lenovo, Windows 10 x64.

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So many views but no one helping, not even a single advice. 

Detailed bsod in the capture


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