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Advice for eGpu setup with 2016 15" Macbook Pro

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Hey Guys!
I have a 2016 15" Macbook Pro with the Radeon Pro 455 Gpu inside.
My plan is to get a working eGpu setup for both Windows and MacOs so I can play games in Windows and use the Gpu ins MacOs for productivity. I also want to just use an external Monitor, I don't need to get it to work on the internal Display.
I also already have a Nvidia GTX 970 from my current Desktop computer that I would like to use.

Unfortunately Razer doesn't sell the Razer Core in Germany but I found one on Ebay for 250€ which is a pretty good price considering that it costs double in America. Also I think this would be the only eGpu solution that I have access to at the moment.

Another thing is that I don't have massive amounts of knowledge to find solutions to problems which may occur during the process and money (the Macbook was already pretty expensive), so I would only do it if it really works well.

The guides from people who got setups like this to work always seem relatively straight forward to me but I wanted to get your opinion first before I buy something for 250€ and it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance!


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    • By MetaBaron
      Hi All,

      I'm trying to setup a eGPU rig -  but no matter what I do I seem to be running into the infamous error code 43.
      My setup:
      Thinkpad X220 i5 2.5GHz, 16GB ram (2x8GB @ 1600) Modified 1.43 Bios EXP GDC V8.4D PCI-express Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 Dell DA-2 power supply  
      Seemed like a common setup from what I could read before attempting the build, so I wasn't expecting any specific troubles. How wrong I was...
      Steps I followed:
      Connect GPU and power plug into GDC, plug express card in laptop while power off Power on the laptop, GDC starts fine, generic VGA adapter is detected Install nvidia drivers, reboot Card shows up, but with error code 43  
      Sometimes I'd get a blue / black screen of death, and changing the PTD switch to 14s would fix this, but error 43 would still be present. In both cases, hot-plugging the card would work fine - it gets detected in the device manager, but the error would be still there.
      I had a few times where I got error 12 instead, so I went to the BIOS and changed the TOLUD to 3GB as suggested in some online discussions. That fixed error 12 but would just show error 43 again after reboot.
      I read it might be a driver issue (although people said it should happen only with the new 10xx series of cards), so  I tried several versions of the drivers: latest, 375.64, 372.70, 372.54, but with no luck.
      Here's a list of other stuff I tried by reading about other people's successful setups / troubleshooting experiences and looking for error 43 related threads:
      Setting PCIe Power Management off / on in the bios Setting PCIe speed to gen1 manually Enabling / disabling hotplugging for the pcie interface the card is installed in  
      But still no luck. Going crazy over this. Has anyone been in a similar position and can offer me advice? Thanks!
    • By TheGamerCow
      So, I am pretty new to this eGPU thing, and I want to try and setup an eGPU for my Dell XPS L502X.
      All the other guides I have read are confusing to me and I was hoping someone here could clear it up and help me setup.
      (I'm running an intel HD 3000 and an Nvidia GT 525m)
      Thank you!
    • By t3rminat04
      I'm doing a dsdt override for an egpu setup and i'm unable to find a fix for few errors.

      Using Windows Binary Tools (WBT – Dec 2016), Windows Driver Kit (WDK) and Notepad++ text editor

      System: Dell n5110
      Windows 10 x64 pro
      gt525m + hd3000.

      Attached is the .dsl file. Kindly help me out as i'm out of options.
      Method (UXDV, 1, NotSerialized) { Local0 = 0xFF _T_0 = (Arg0 + Zero) If ((_T_0 == 0x03F8)) { Local0 = Zero } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x02F8)) { Local0 = One } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0220)) { Local0 = 0x02 } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0228)) { Local0 = 0x03 } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0238)) { Local0 = 0x04 } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x02E8)) { Local0 = 0x05 } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0338)) { Local0 = 0x06 } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x03E8)) { Local0 = 0x07 } Return (Local0) } Method (RRIO, 4, NotSerialized) { _T_0 = (Arg0 + Zero) If ((_T_0 == Zero)) { CALE = Zero Local0 = UXDV (Arg2) If ((Local0 != 0xFF)) { CADR = Local0 } If (Arg1) { CALE = One } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == One)) { CBLE = Zero Local0 = UXDV (Arg2) If ((Local0 != 0xFF)) { CBDR = Local0 } If (Arg1) { CBLE = One } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x02)) { LTLE = Zero If ((Arg2 == 0x0378)) { LTDR = Zero } If ((Arg2 == 0x0278)) { LTDR = One } If ((Arg2 == 0x03BC)) { LTDR = 0x02 } If (Arg1) { LTLE = One } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x03)) { FDLE = Zero If ((Arg2 == 0x03F0)) { FDDR = Zero } If ((Arg2 == 0x0370)) { FDDR = One } If (Arg1) { FDLE = One } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x08)) { If ((Arg2 == 0x0200)) { If (Arg1) { GLLE = One } Else { GLLE = Zero } } If ((Arg2 == 0x0208)) { If (Arg1) { GHLE = One } Else { GHLE = Zero } } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x09)) { If ((Arg2 == 0x0200)) { If (Arg1) { GLLE = One } Else { GLLE = Zero } } If ((Arg2 == 0x0208)) { If (Arg1) { GHLE = One } Else { GHLE = Zero } } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0A)) { If (((Arg2 == 0x60) || (Arg2 == 0x64))) { If (Arg1) { KCLE = One } Else { KCLE = Zero } } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0B)) { If (((Arg2 == 0x62) || (Arg2 == 0x66))) { If (Arg1) { MCLE = One } Else { MCLE = Zero } } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0C)) { If ((Arg2 == 0x2E)) { If (Arg1) { C1LE = One } Else { C1LE = Zero } } If ((Arg2 == 0x4E)) { If (Arg1) { C2LE = One } Else { C2LE = Zero } } } ElseIf ((_T_0 == 0x0D))  
      Sample segment causing errors.
    • By jatintwo
      Hello Everyone,
      I had recently purchased an exp gdc beast v8.0 and I tried using a gtx 1050 with it and I'm getting error 43. It's said that the 372.70 driver works and does not give error 43 but when I try to install that driver it gives me an error before installing saying that no compatible nvidia graphics hardware found or something like that so I'm unable to install the driver but I heard the driver helps. So far I've not been able to find any guides on how to mod my driver, all I know is that it has something to do with editing the INF file. Can anyone please guide me on how to mod the driver or even mail me a copy of their modded INF file on my email jatindilip0@gmail.com It will be a great help. My laptop model is a gigabyte p15fv2. 
      Thanks for reading
    • By Granty
      Hi guys. I have had my egpu setup and running fine for the past year or so on my mbp (mid 2012) which has a hdd drive.
      I now want to improve the gaming performance, so I've bought an ssd.
      I manage to get through all the steps in eGPU Setup 1.2 but when i go through the bootloader, it says at the very end "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key".
      I'm guessing it is to do with my ssd being in the optical drive bay location (i assume this is hd1) and the original hdd (hd0) being disconnected, so windows can't see it when in bootloader.
      I think I need to edit the config file for the chainloader, so the bootloader reads the ssd but what exactly do i need to change? 
      I tried changing the map section (line 55):
      map --harddrives=1
      if "%DRV%"=="C"
      map (%FIRSTHDD%) (hd0)
      Changing the (hd0) to (hd1) put the bootloader in a loop!? So I am not sure what to try next...
      Any help is greatly appreciated!