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We were tracking Chinese and arrested them at rebel outpost. Then we went back to donor rebel to get some supplies and there were more Chinese waiting. This time they were camping the solar tower and RDM'ing from it (we didn't report since they barely know English) and also had a guy in rebel tower + deerstands boxing me in. Managed to take a few of them down before getting killed, all in all fun times.

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    • By Brian
      Welcome to the Яats™ official subforum! We're a clan of shit-talking, money making trolls found on Asylum Altis Life. In this forum and subforums, you will find screenshots, videos, shit posts etc. that relate to Яats™. 
      Founders: Hanzo, Morality
      Current Members:
      Tony O' Brian
      James Anderson
      TeamSpeak: ts3.techinferno.com
      Twitch Streams
      2. Dirty Scrubz: 

      YouTube Channels
      1. Dirty Scrubz/Hanzo: 
    • By Brian
      Tech|Inferno is proud to announce the opening of our ARMA 3 King Of The Hill server! Currently it supports 80 player slots and is setup as follows:
      First person mode locked (hardcore mode). No night cycles but we have dawn and evening. No armed vehicles. Pawnee, Ghosthawk and HMG vehicles added to the server (4/27/16). All map rotations with Kavala being the least likely selected since in our opinion it's the worst city/map. No reserve slots currently. If you need support, use our support ticket feature. It is currently online and operational.   
      Server information: Tech|Inferno King Of The Hill Infantry HC
      Server IP Port 2302  

      4/27/16 - Clips from our server for your enjoyment
    • By Brian
      Been playing some ARMA 3 Epoch & Exile with some friends lately and would like invite any ARMA 3 players on T|I to come join us. We're on Tech|Inferno's teamspeak (ts3.techinferno.com) so if you're interested, simply join TS and then poke me and I'll drag you down to our channel. Looking forward to seeing you and here's a short clip from this morning (we all died at the end but it was fun): http://www.twitch.tv/dirtyscrubz/v/35346776 (warning: not work safe content in video)
    • By Brian
      ARMA 3 is one of those rare jewels in gaming where the game was designed and built with PC gamers in mind. Unlike EA's Battlefield series which started out on the PC as a somewhat open platform only to become a victim of its success by evolving into a closed off series where people cannot mod the game any longer, Bohemia Interactive has taken the opposite approach by working more closely with the community that has helped it spawn some memorable and game changing mods such as Day Z, Epoch, Arma 3 Life, Breaking Point, Battle Royale and many more. 
      With nearly 2 million copies sold since release, ARMA 3 has done exceptionally well coming from a small developer that has only a fraction of the resources other industry giants have access to. And the game looks to have a bright future ahead with the developers optimizing for it and adding more features in 2016. In their new video (found at the end of this article), Bohemia reflects on 10 important updates to the game in 2015 and 10 exciting features and additions to look forward to in 2016:
      1. Release of Eden Editor - A 3D Scenario Editor.

      2. Launcher based server browser - already live on the dev branch. It will help facilitate the detection and automatic download of mods.

      3. Audio - improvements to audio fidelity and more features to be added.

      4. Visual - update targeting ARMA Apex (originally for Eden update): An overhaul of game lighting configuration and introduce C shader and Screen Space Reflection technology. 

      5. Usability improvements - A variety of improvements such as switching weapons, interacting with objects, game difficulty and fixing long standing UX needs. 

      6. ARMA 3 Units -  Introduce event organization, integrate parts of the service in game and make jumping into multiplayer quicker and easier.

      7. Script improvements - Bohemia will continue to work closely with the community to bring additions, improvements and optimizations to scripting.

      8. Scripted multiplayer - complete revive and dynamic groups by extending and finalizing their functionality. 

      9. Vehicle classes - ARMA 3 will see the introduction of new vehicle classes such as light strike vehicles and vtol aircraft.

      10. Tanoa - The crown jewel of 2016 will be the release of ARMA 3's new and long awaited map. Tanoa is 100 square kilometers and takes place in the South Pacific Archipelago. 

      I personally have spent more than 2000 hours in the world of ARMA 3 and years later I'm still not done with it. This is a testament to the game's extensibility thanks to the continued support of the developer and more importantly, the community continuing to mod it everyday with exciting new additions. 
      ARMA 3 - Scanning The Horizon 2016

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