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Hi All,

I am new to the forum and been lurking to a dock system for quite a while without knowing of the possibility of DIY eGPU !

I just discoverd this thread and iam wondering if my actual computer could be used for this.

I have a vaio flip 15A that comes with an intel 4400HD + Nvidia 735M Discreet card (optimus)

I am guessing the only solution could be to use the Mini - PCI of the WIFI adapter.

However From the picture of the teardown video it looks like there isn't an awful lot of place in there to place the PE4L + cable.

Can You let me know what you guys think ?

I know i can mod the back cover to allow the cable to pass through but it seems the Mini-PCI port is really much at the back of computer


If you guys could provide me the actual picture of the card i neeed to place and the reference i could check if it could fit in...

I just found a flex cable extension that could actually be quite nice to redirect the female slot to the side of the computer allowing to maybe mod the back cover to make the slot fit nicely in it.

Will that extension calbe work for the setup ?



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Latest version i think is x1.3 and you can contact nando for details.

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Also look into the E6430 heatsinks. They may be identical but for half the price off of ebay.

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Nando has explained that dual GPU cards do express themselves on the PCI bus as 2 GPUs by needed double the resource allocation, so a dual GPU card might run into the same issues but maybe not.

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