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[Request] Dell inspiron 7000 (7559) vBIOS Unlock

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Hello first post here on this forum, i'm looking for a unlocked vBIOS for the 960M 4GB to overclock past the 135 MHz core clock OEM limit.


Model#  I7559-2512BLK  (I7-6700HQ)





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8 hours ago, UCDHIUS said:

Anyone? is vBIOS unlocking a option on these?

Hi there. Maybe if you can dump your vBIOS, zip it up and post it here as an attachment, someone with the know how can unlock it for you. The control freaks at Dell/Alienware have been making it more difficult to dump or flash their soldered GPUs, so you should confirm that you are actually able to do both of those things first. You should also have a backup copy of the original vBIOS for your own purposes. If you can dump the original, turn around a flash the original just to verify all that functionality is working as intended.


If you push it right now to the maximum possible overclock on the GPU core and memory are the GPU temps still OK? That would be another point to consider. If the limits you have now are already more than the cooling system can handle properly, there may not be much, if anything, to be gained. Maybe max out your overclock with the stock vBIOS and make about a half dozen loops of Unigine Heaven to see if the temps are still OK.

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