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3720QM to an 6XXXHQ? Worth it?


Using my Dell Latitude E6430 with an OCed 3720QM for video/photo editing is good enough for work on the go but the E6430 is a pretty heavy machine.


I saw some great deals on the newer Latitude E5470.


Would a newer E5470 with an i5 or i7-6XXXHQ processor be a worthy upgrade? Or will it be a downgrade regarding CPU performance?




EDIT: 3DMark06 CPU score for the i7-6820HQ is 6866. I could see a maximum of 7847 with my i7-3720QM. Of course the 6820HQ will run cooler/less power hungry. But performance wise?

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According to cpubenchmark, 3720QM and 6700HQ have almost the same performance. Even your cpu is little higher (on the stock)

3720QM - 8161 CPU MARK

6700HQ - 8117 CPU MARK

I have 3630QM and I don't even think about change it to something new.


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Intel CPU's have been pretty stagnant in performance as of late with new iterations. I would wait until the next-gen chips release if I was in the market for a real performance upgrade... because AMD Ryzen has finally dropped and will shake up the CPU market finally. Intel is now forced to release something with a significant performance boost to hold AMD off.

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