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MSI GT70 egpu advice needed

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Hello i'm new to this forum and i would like your advice. I apologies for my english.

I plan to buy a gtx 1080 and make an egpu for my MSI GT70-ONC but i have some questions first.

1) So i'have heard that the port that most people use is the one of the wifi-card but what about the two port of the ssd.

2) Is there really any way to connect it to the mxm port?

3) Do you think it will be possible to figure out how to connect a gtx 1080m or 1060m with i have heard  has lower consumption and lower heat.

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I also have a MSI GT70 (but a barebones CZ-17 from iBuyPower). I'm also curious about 00boong's question #1. Aside from the MXM slot, these configs don't have any real ports capable of handling bandwidth for eGPUs, so it seems that any solution will involve significant internal hardware changes.


However, if you are interested in going the internal MXM route, there are a few threads with people's experiences. Here's one on the GT70-ONC (but 880m)



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thank you but my plan is to buy later a laptop with a razor core so i think this solution is the one with the most "cost efficiency"

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