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Mac Mini 2014 with Akitio Thunder2 and GTX 960 Strix

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If i was to use a Akitio Thunder2 PCIe Expansion Chassis with a GTX 960 Strix 4GB on a late 2014 Mac Mini, how big would the performance improvements be in OS X El Capitan over the HD 5000 iGPU? Specifically in Games such as Borderlands 2 or Tomb Raider 2013? Very unsure of the performance boost with eGPU as game is rendered with OpenGL API in OS X. Would using a Hypervisor with Xen and Windows inside OS X with eGPU using PCI Passthrough be a better choice? 


This is the 1.4Ghz, 4GB RAM Mac Mini Model.



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I chose to get a RocketStor 6361a as i didn’t want to have to get a molex to barrel adapter that i would have had to use with other thunderbolt 2 chassis. I just use my PSU Molex connectors with the internal molex connections inside the chassis instead, with paperclip trick. on the 20+4 pin connector. I really have loved it so far. Such good results!!


Thanks, this led me in the right direction of eGPU build.

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