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15" HP 6570b + GTX1070@4Gbps+c-EC2 (PE4C 3.0) + Win10 [themadscientist]

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Alright. Just leaving this here for reference.


  • System:
    • Hardware
      • HP ProBook 6570b
      • Core i5 3340M
      • 8GB RAM (4+4)
      • iGPU Intel HD 4000
    • Software
      • Win 10 Pro 64-bit Build 14393 (MBR install, not UEFI)



  • Configuration:
    • Hardware
      • All systems off/offline
      • PE4C Delay Switch (SW1) set to position 2
        • ! Position 1 will cause BIOS freeze/lockup !
      • PSU 24 pin power connector to 24 pin PE4C slot
        • ! Fasten securely with connector clip locked in !
      • PSU 4 pin CPU power connector to 12 pin PE4C slot (Right 4)
        • ! Fasten securely with connector clip locked in !
      • GTX 1070 into PE4C PCIe x16 slot and secured
        • ! Fasten securely to extender with screw/nut !
      • PE4C 8 pin power output connector to GTX 1070 8 pin power slot
        • ! Fasten securely with connector clip locked in !
      • PE4C ExpressCard connector to laptop ExpressCard slot
        • ! Position PE4C so that there's not much twisting/strain on the ExpressCard connector cable that is soldered to PE4C !
      • PSU powered on
      • Laptop powered on
      • All systems on/online
    • Software
      • Update BIOS to latest version
      • On power on, hit Esc and enter HP BIOS Config
        • Set boot mode to Legacy (Not UEFI or Hybrid)
        • Set ExpressCard slot speed to Gen 2.0 (or higher)
        • Save and exit/restart
      • Ensure Windows is running in Legacy mode/MBR disk
      • Uninstall any previously installed graphics drivers from Programs in Control Panel
      • Use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean up any previously installed graphics drivers
      • Install nVidia graphics drivers
        • Device manager now shows the installed GTX 1070, but with Error Code 12 (Insufficient free resources)
      • Perform a DSDT override as described in https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5874-guide-dsdt-override-to-fix-error-12/ using the DSDT Editor and Compiler bundle. Helpful info in this post too https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2750-guide-dsdt-override-simultaneous-igpu-dgpu-egpu/.
        • Basically, run DSDT Editor. File > Extract DSDT. Then add the code as shown in the post above.
        • Specific to HP systems:
          • On compiling, errors will be detected. (Do not click on 'Fix errors' as it doesn't help with these specific errors). To get past this, delete the full stops at the specified line numbers, usually near a text string inside quotes ["   " ...] .
          • Also, look for the 
            •                     If (CondRefOf (FPED))
                                      FPED ()
          • block and move it whole, to inside the Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized) block, under the Scope (GFX0) block, in the file.
        • Try compiling and ensure that there are no errors. (Warnings are not a problem).
        • Save the file as .dsl.
        • Open command prompt in that folder, then compile using the iasl command and the filename you saved the dsl file with. That should create an aml file.
        • Again, in command prompt, run the asl command with the newly created aml file.
        • Also run bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON, to allow the DSDT table override.
        • Reboot and check device manager in Resources by Connection view, and ensure that there is a 'Large Memory' entry.
      • Install nando's DIY eGPU Setup 1.3.
        • Preferably, extract the files and write to/setup a USB stick.
        • Boot from the flash drive and install.
        • Configure as needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC99rJOtioE
        • Make sure mbr is used instead of mbr2
        • Save startup.bat
      • Reboot into DIY eGPU, and load startup.bat
      • Then chainload into Windows 10
      • nVidia Control Center must now be active and the graphics card is ready to run games, CUDA applications, etc


Took me a while to get it up and running. Did extensive reading/research on the subject. No Man's Sky, Skyrim, Talos Principle run without any issues on high/ultra (but then again, screen isn't full HD). Haven't run benchmarks yet.


Big thanks to nando and TechInferno peeps.


lml_   PC Master Race   _lml

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  1. Can confirm that HDMI audio out is not working with nVidia driver version 372.70. The device manager shows the nVidia HDMI audio out device in an error state.
  2. Can further confirm that newer driver versions (372.90, 373.06, 375.63, 375.70, 375.95, 376.09, 376.19, 376.33 [Latest, to date]) break all graphics/display functionality of the GTX1070. Doing a full uninstall of all display drivers using DDU and a reinstall of driver version 372.70 restores graphics functionality.
  3. There is a bit of stutter when running an external 4K display connected to the GTX1070's HDMI port. Not sure if this is the card's limit or the ExpressCard2 slot's bandwidth limit, but I'm guessing it's the latter.
  4. Some games only detect 4GB out of the card's actual 8GB of memory. Could be driver related.
  5. Side note: Some games (with their integrated anti cheat systems) refuse to run while Windows 10 is in "Test Mode".
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For point 3, i'd say yeah would be the slots bandwidth issue.. 
Probably the cause of point 1 aswell.. tho i'm not sure on the lanes used for audio communication through PCIe Lanes. 

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Sorry, hadn't checked up on the forum in a while.


I have since shifted to a full fledged desktop solution with a Vive, and also use Steam in-home streaming in Big Picture mode with some DualShock 4s on the ProBook.


If I recall correctly, I got around 70% of the GTX 1070's performance on the ProBook, in games, and VR apps. But that was still plenty for the ProBook's 1366x768 screen, decent for a 1920x1080 external screen, and playable for the Vive's 2160x1200. (Although, yes, the expected performance scaling on the ProBook's screen wasn't as great, because of some of the ExpressCard slot's bandwidth being used to return the video signal to the internal display. It's always better with an external display hooked up to the graphics card's output ports.)

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Hi , I read your post about to 6570b and egpu. I have a question about help, can you send me your DSDS modyfie file please ? . That would be helpful for me. 


Cheers Damian

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