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GPU Doesn't Render on Laptop Monitor, Only Renders on External

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I have an MSI Whitebook 16F41 GT60 laptop.

I purchased it secondhand from someone of NBR forums and he upgraded the GPU to a 980m.

The long story short of it, the GPU works but it only renders when connected to an external monitor. Apparently it worked on the internal monitor in windows 8.1 but I upgraded it to 10 and never checked to see if everything was working as I assumed it was fine until War Thunder said it was using integrated graphics. MGS V ran 60+ FPS and I assumed integrated graphics couldn't do that.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for both Intel and nVidia and I have the most up to date BIOs and firmware I can find for the notebook and the GPU.

I've also gone into the nVidia control panel and changed the settings to select the GPU for programs that need it.

I've also used the context menu so that when opening the programs, it knows to use the GPU and not integrated graphics.

I went so far as to reinstall windows to see if that helped anything. It did not.

I assume the issue has to do with the internal monitor not being able to communicate with the GPU.

The reason being, when I run any game or benchmark on the laptop monitor, the performance is roughly 10-25% of what the performance is on the external monitor because it will only use integrated graphics. (Determined by FPS in Heaven, MSI Kombuster, League, and other games).

Once I connect an external monitor, the 980m will render on the external monitor, but only on the external monitor.

Since this is a laptop, I want the GPU to render on the laptop monitor so I can play games while I travel.

Any help in figuring that out would be appreciated.


System Specs

MSI GT60 16F41 Whitebook Rev:0.C

OS: Win 10 64-bit
CPU: i7-4710mq
Chipset: Haswell Rev. 06
Southbridge: HM87 Rev. C2
EC:16F4EG62 Ver 5.09
GPU: Clevo mxm GTX 980m (Flashed with MSI bios)
GPU Bios:
GPU Driver: 372.90 WHQL
Integrated Graphics: Intel HD 4600
Integrated Driver:
Laptop Monitor: Only listed as generic PnP monitor in Device Manager

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The GPU is wired directly do the video outputs but not to the internal screen.


If it is working properly while connected to an external monitor it could be an issue with Optimus.


Use DDU to remove Nvidia drivers and Intel drivers. Reinstall Intel drivers first and then Nvidia drivers. This may solve your problem.

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I guess it is a GTX 980M is with G-Sync?

The internal Panel from GT70 don`t work with G-Sync,i had the same Problem with a GTX 980M from a GT72 with G-Sync nd a Quadro M 3000M.

In GT72 both are working perfekt.

If You have the Tab for Changing Displa Options in Your Nvidia Control You can deactivat G-Sync.

But i can`t find Nvidia Control Panel with complete Menu on Laptop.

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I think my problem would be that the gtx 980m I am trying to use does NOT have G-sync and the GTX 970m I took out does. Would you have to use a GTX 980m with G-sync if the card in the laptop had G-sync on it?

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