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P570WM(120HZ Panel)brightness control does not work

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Hi Prema and techs,


i have a P570WM with 120hz LCD.but there is not an internal 3D emitter in the model.And the motherboard is V2.3A.

When i flashed WM3 BIOS,I can use 3D VISION with USB 3D emitter and 3D glasses.But i can't adjust the brightness.(the brightness can be adjust with WM BIOS.)

When i enter the BIOS Setup interface,i can adjust the brightness.But when i enter the windows,i can't do it anymore.


I found that the 3D model with V2.2A motherboard and internal 3D emitter can adjust the brightness in WM3 BIOS.So what caused this difference?motherboard?LCD panel?OR internal 3D emitter?


How can i make brightnesscontrol work with WM3 BIOS?or can i do something to  convert it to a 3D mode?


thanks for your help.


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