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M18x r2 upgrade compatabilityguide? eg, killer network card, Graphics card etc.

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Hi, i'd like to find out if the killer network card can be upgraded?

or any other parts for the matter, so one can fully max out his m18x r2 for the best optimal performance,

I want to make a list of the best compatible parts to upgrade the M18x R2, like the:

- Ram:                

- SSD:

- Graphics card:

- CPU: 3940xm

- Most compatible OS:             <---- i heard windows 10 fries the samsung screen or something? i assume windows 7 is best option?


maybe if possible I could include links to guides for all of these aswell for those like myself who dont know what to do.

there must be guides out there but for conveniance have it all in one place maybe.


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40 minutes ago, P1ayerOne said:

i'd like to find out if the killer network card can be upgraded?

If not mistaken, there is nothing to improve

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If you deem it necessary you can swap the wireless card, for one with AC support, if you go for any Intel, you need to do a regedit mod and change/create the ScanWhenAssociated and set it to zero or you will get lag spikes, and whatever Intel says ALL their Centrino WiFi cards suffer from this bug/feature, I have had all the Centrinos from the N1000 up to the N7265  AC and they all behave like wonders after doing this.

Here is a tutorial:


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i use intel cards personally. they just work. 

as for ram thats a card one, i know 16GB ddr3 laptop dimms exists, but at an exhorbent cost. so 32GB is probably a good max for. 

ssd is purely whatever you want to spend as well. you could raid 4 of them if you wanted too. 

graphics, 980m SLI


OS: win7 personally. 

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I have 32GB of RAM in my M18xR2, and it's working perfect, so you can use it for sure. You can use 4 SSD, but... One is mSATA slot, working on SATA2 limit. The same limitation is on thard SATA connection in the bay. HHD0 is sata3, HHD1 sata3, HDD2 sata2. M18xR2 has also M.2 slot. According to A11 unblocked bios, full supporting... But i'm not sure... And there is no space for ssd propably. Maybe some wifi option?

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new idea

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      Help me Tech Inferno, you're my only hope.
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      'Fraid I don't have many leads to follow on my own just yet. So here I am.
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