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2014 rMBP w/750M with GTX 770 via Akitio Thunder2?

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I'm trying to set up a GTX 770 I have laying around using an Akitio Thunder2 enclosure on my 2014 rMBP15, which has a discrete GT 750.  I've performed the barrel plug ATX mod (so I don't need the riser) with a 400W ATX PSU.  The setup works fine with a POS budget Radeon card (an R5 220), but not with the 770.  In OSX, after running the automate egpu script, the card is recognized as "NVIDIA Card" with way too little VRAM.  In Windows, the card is recognized fine as a GTX 770, but it throws an error 43 that I can't get rid of.  Is there some kind of conflict between the discrete 750M and the 770 (maybe because they're both Kepler based cards?)?

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