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Tyrant External SLI GPU case

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So I've been browsing this forum for a while, finally committed to making an account, and have been very intrigued by the various external GPU enclosures. I recently came across this case on Amazon and it seems that it's a new product still for preorder. I cannot find any other information but what Amazon has provided which contains tid bits of very interesting information. Supposedly it can fit dual GPU's to run in SLI for a desktop.


Here is what is included:


Product List
Tyrant x 1
Data Cable x 2 (to motherboard's PCIe slots)
Power Cable x 2
PCI-E conversion kit x 2
Instruction manual (include installation guide, MOD manual, rough sketch for Tyrant and storybook)
Day ONE Edition (transparent panel)


Seems that this is a potential candidate for an external GPU solution for laptops.


Accessories in development
Laptop and power kit(sold separately). this accessory contains Power supply case and Laptop connection module.
Power supply case allows you install a standard PC power supply and supply independent power for the graphics card in Tyrant.
Laptop connection module allows graphics cards to work for laptop.


The price is $119.99 on Amazon, taken with a grain of salt since it does say pre order. I really would like to see more pictures of the product and the cables they are providing.

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The base product seems to be simply an enclosure and a pair of PCIe x16 cables to extend existing slots outside of a case. It is probably envisioned as a means to SLI/Crossfire a pair of large cards (might have enough room for a pair of three-slot cards, or something?). The laptop connection module is where the actual eGPU meat should be, but they have zero information on it so far.


Coupled with the poor English and the other products on the "edge gear" Amazon store page...I am not optimistic this will ever amount to anything.

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They also state that the Laptop Kit will be connected via USB3.0.
I can't really imagine that this will provide good performance and latency.

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