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      User Account Promotion Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!   12/14/15

      As part of the move to our new platform, we did away with the 5 post moderation queue (where new members posts were put in an approval queue) and now all new member posts are not prescreened and immediately visible when posted. However, to maintain a steady stream of quality content on these forums, we have added user account promotion requirements which work a little differently than before.   Upon registering for this website, your account is categorized as "Pre-Promotion" and you can see that status below your avatars. Once you have participated in the community sufficiently over the course of a week , your account will become flagged for review and at that time the T|I moderation team will review your post history over the course of a week and promote you accordingly--as long as you didn't break any forum rules or make spam posts, you are 99.9% certain to get promoted. At that point, as a Promoted User, your account will have full privileges to download anything you like and have enhanced account features enabled such as increased PM quota, increased per post upload quota etc.   If you cannot wait for this promotion period, then we encourage you to subscribe for T|I Elite Membership as it will provide you with an immediate account promotion and you can then download what you wish. Attempting to circumvent these rules set forth are grounds for infraction and/or termination of your account privileges as it is a violation of our terms of service that you agreed to when joining Tech|Inferno forums.    In summary: New user account promotion system that views your level of quality activity on these forums over a span of 1 week with a minimum of 5 QUALITY posts.  Once you have sufficient activity over this week, your account is flagged for moderator review. At that time you will get promoted as long as you had quality posts and didn't violate forum rules (e.g. spam posts, one liners, file begging, complaining etc.). Apart from a few odd members that break the aforementioned rules, almost everyone is guaranteed a promotion. If you do not wish to wait for this promotion queue, you can simply opt for T|I Elite Membership to skip ahead and get your account promoted as long as the membership lasts.  Attempting to circumvent the aforementioned rules may result in an infraction and/or ban. Please review our terms of service.   We feel this is the best compromise we could come up with to maintain our standards of quality for this website and to ensure our limited resources are used optimally.    Thanks, T|I Team
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Unable to download

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Hi, I would like to piggy back the post.


Admin, please allow my membership to download. I believe i have fulfilled the quota already.


Thank you.

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To have download permissions you have to have at least five quality posts before the Mods check you out to promote you. Once promoted you can download to your hearts content lol.

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