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  2. Currently running driver 375.70 and relatively stable. I realised I shouldn't be pushing my laptop too hard so I shut down the screen on the laptop and am running it solely on the eGPU. Still gets buggy sometimes but much more stable than before.
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  4. Yes I wrote in previous post, PL stand for PowerLimit, by hwinfo monitoring seems to peak at 86w maximum, so all ok here in m18x r2 (waiting for someone like Prema's magic..)
  5. Hello, my HP 8770w was sold with a Dualcore-CPU. I am now using an i7 3920XM, but there are missing two RAM-holdings on this mainboard (Many manufactures leave them out on dualcore MBs ). The 4-RAM-MB is too expensive just for this approach. So I tried to solder the missing RAM-Holdings on the Mainboard by hand: But the Laptop does not boot, if I add a RAM to the new holding (Same behaviour as like booting without any RAM). The Laptop still works, if I left the new holding empty. QUESTION: Is it possible, that a 3-RAM-configuration principally does not work and I will have to add the 4th module? Have anyone here successfully expanded the number of RAM-holdings?
  6. What you are seeing is the GPU reaching its power limit. Using HWinfo or equivalent, can you find out what the peak power draw is? If it's in the realm of 80W then that's normal. All mobile gtx 1060s are limited to 80W. Until someone mods the bios or finds a hardware mod to bypass this, this is the best you can get. You can overclock it to 2000 MHz, but in reality the power limit reduces the core clock under load (more than stock still!). Heaven benchmark shows a frame rate gain when overclocked, even though it's drawing the same power. You can try this for yourself if you want. I got +150 MHz on the core and +94 MHz on the memory without artifacting.
  7. horrible! Look like my first attempt tomod my heatsink, very bad, but second one was a way better! (First time dremelling work bro? me too)
  8. Some told me in the official game forum that ESO is CPU dependant. So maybe it's because of that.
  9. Hi! Unfortunately i can't help you with password. Sorry.
  10. I see the msi afterburner's power spikes look like mine, but I have no fps drops in my games, I cant say much, don't know why we hitting PL on this gpu
  11. Error 43 in new drivers
  12. Hey Klem, I was trying to figure out how to do this myself but couldnt (sad faces) - I'm looking to do everything! Whitelist, advanced menus, vbios.. However, my bios is password protected and i have no idea what it is since i bought the laptop second hand from best buy. It was a display unit and I'm guessing best buy put a password in, to which i had no idea at the time to ask them for (because i didnt know it existed!). If you could remove the password protection, that would be great too! Thanks! https://www.sendspace.com/file/0xl4fo
  13. up to what driver version will the egpu setup keep working??
  14. do you get stutters when running CPU intensive games?
  15. Hi, One of my fans is making irregular sounds. It's impossible to find out which one it is. So I've been looking around for the fans PN: "XHW5W J77H4 P0DG8" Is it ok to buy the chinese replica fans which are sold on Ebay and Aliexpress? Original OEM parts are 30$ more per fan. I have put a lot of time in improving the temps with the 880M's on full blast. I fear that it will not be the exact same spec and air will escape between the fan outlet and the fins. I've had this before on Clevo models, absolutely horrid for temps. Thanks and greetings, MK
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  17. Hi Klem. Could you please remove the whitelist, unlock advanced menus and vbios? I would be grateful. bios version: 3.03 Here are the results https://www.sendspace.com/file/hsj4bm Thanks in advance!
  18. here the asked file looks good ? HardwareMonitoring.7z
  19. I'm convinced that it's a bug, the gtx 1060 desktop doesn't support SLI so why would the mxm variant support it? Not to mention, there aren't any laptops with a 1060 SLI configuration. I don't think it's possible, hardware and software wise.
  20. IIRC it convert trough optimus Can you post some screenshot for understand better and comparison with my 1060?
  21. software bug, in gpuz and in nvidia control panel it is showing correct info, sadly maybe is the same for sli support..
  22. Hi, Im a new proud owner of a 2570p, I always love the business-class notebooks since my first Thinkpad X60. Now I love my "new" 2570p. As first upgrade i replace my odd drive for a second hdd caddy, but now sometimes my notebook dont finish to turn off. I read most of this threat and i remember that somewhere is posted the same behavior and some user tap a pin of his caddy or similar. Can someone help me with this issue please?. Thanks!
  23. hello, I'm facing actually some power limit problems with my gtx 1060. i've noticed it while playing ESO with msi afterburner. I have a dell PSU 240 W.
  24. What do you mean? What does it modify for?
  25. Could someone give me a modified driver for the 1050ti? All the tutorials I found to modify were confusing for me
  26. Could someone give me a modified driver for the 1050ti? All the tutorials I found to modify were confusing for me
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