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  3. have a AMD radeon rx 480 and was wondering why when I connect two monitors and try to play gta 5 or bo3 in extended screen it only plays in one. Do I need a second 480? Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  4. thats just amazing work man !! it looks great... will try with my m17x r3 too well done
  5. Any news about a bios update that fixes this microcode bug? https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2017/06/msg00308.html I'm specifically looking for an update for the n240bu
  6. Thanks for this, but I am actually looking for something with no fans i.e. passive. In the meantime I was able to find this: https://www.originpc.com/gearshop/categories/Power Accessories/products/3010#features but the problem is my PC case has a regular Dell socket and this one has 4 pins. Ideally, it would be great if I found a converter which accepts Dell 330W so I only need to buy a converter and another brick. ...or if there is an cable extender which would change this 4 pin cable to Dell one.
  7. Hi mirekti, I have a Alienware M18X-R2 with 2 GTX 980m cards and a 3940xm chip and if I was going to overclock these I was going to have power issues, so I was looking into the same thing and came across this post from Mr. Fox, not cheap but looks really nice. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/introducing-the-eurocom-780w-notebook-ac-adapter-clevo-msi-ready.801145/
  8. Hi Klem, Can I also please you to prepare a BIOS mod for my Lenovo Z710? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7ubORVAQgRWT2ZndzNDTUFoMWs <----results.rar
  9. I went through this entire thread but found no mention of the P770DM(-G) model. Is there an unlocked bios for this? Also can the vbios version ever cause incompatibilities. Just asking since I have a P770DM-G but it uses a 980m made for the ZM model. Don't fully know what the difference is but it was enough to cause grief trying to get Prema's vbios for it. Also do you include a flashing software that has safeguards to help prevent wrong bios flashing? I know prema uses a his own nvflash for vbios but IDK if the same can be done for a system bios.
  10. I just wanted to say a mondo Thank You to SLV7 and all those who helped stuff this thread with all the info here. THANK YOU ! I was able to successfully flash my Y510P's BIOS\EC and video BIOS using nothing but the files posted here and your knowledge. Now I'm ready to try Klem's v3.08 modded, hope he replies soon. For those who come later, when I got stuck I found the info on pgs.70 - 82 most helpful. I hope you can avoid having to read the thread nearly in it's entirety. I'm off to buy some folks some beers......
  11. Hello Klem You recently helped me with K2100m, today I made an upgrade GPU to M2000M and here my request, could you remove the + 135mhz lock and turn the memory to effectively have 6000mhz instead of the original 5000mhz? Thanks a lot. GM107.rom
  12. I have been trying to find such product online, but no luck. Has anyone found where one could buy a finished product similar to this? There is one similar product, but I believe it was custom made as well. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/eurocom-panther-5d-notebook-review,3685-3.html
  13. I created my steam account only for Dark Souls II SotFS.
  14. Hi there this is my first post. I installed a gtx 765m in my m17x r3 and couldn't get the machine to post. I would only get 8 beeps. The system did post with integrated graphics enabled but would lock up right after the loading bar during post. I could not get into bios. HD Audio has been disabled in bios. I am on official bios a12. The 765m did come with its own x bracket and I am upgrading from a 560m. I did reset the cmos multiple times and it didn't affect anything. I am almost sure the card must just be faulty but I wanted to know if anyone else had an idea about my problem. Thanks, glad to be here.
  15. hi Klem, Can you unlock my bios menu, wlan whitelist mod and the vbios. https://www.sendspace.com/file/pzwb90 Thanks, twark
  16. Hello is possible to undervolt gpu and CPU? Gtx 670m 3gb ram And i7 3610qm Thanx
  17. Hi Gerald, I want to upgrade my y510p. Please make more adapters.
  18. Hi! If your laptop is M18x R2, then you can try flash this unlocked bios: If your laptop is M18x R1, then you can try flash this unlocked bios:
  19. Alienware m18 --bios (InsydeH20) is locked. How do I unlock it? My battery malfunctioned so I disconnected it, now the computer can't seem to access the boot hdd. I tried reconnecting the battery but to no avail. Diagnostics show everything seems to be working fine, I'm am pretty sure I can get everything working once I can unlock the bios (and change boot sequence and settings ) The only two areas in the bios that is unlocked is the password reset portion (there was no password) and the "unlock" Bios portion, but when I try to unlock it it keeps saying "Unlock failed." So... the computer "sees" my hard drives but can't seem to access it, and without being able to access the Bios I can't even begin to do anything. How do I unlock (ungrey) the Bios? Things I've tried: -remove and reinsert cmos battery and laptop battery -try flashing bios-- I couldn't get this to work, maybe because the key sequences I tried (fn+esc) doesn't work.
  20. Last week
  21. Hi, Did you try running it with Optimus disabled? If that doesn't work you might need to flash your bios to unlocked one, and then change your graphics / display option to PEG enabled, that should be it. Good luck!
  22. Damn Clannad is amazing, you cant go wrong with Key animation. Clannad Air Kanon Angel Beats Little Busters These are amazing Key animes i can think off and are all awesome! Does anyone like slice of life or magical girl?
  23. Flawless? Lucky you, I couldn't solve the driver crashing.
  24. Me too! I need to get myself an unlocked A11 bios
  25. Hello everyone, I am an M17X R4 owner running WIN10 AND currently upgrading my laptop from an 7970m to a 970m. I have already successfully transferred my 970m to the motherboard and windows has detected the the gpu in device manager, optimus mode is enabled and the intel graphics are also detected. The laptop is currenlty booting in full UEFI mode and running bios A11 stock. Currently I am experiencing issues with getting the 970m to run, my Intel graphics keep running only but i can see the 970m is installed and the settings can be changed from the nvidia control panel and can be benchmarked using FurMark. I managed to modify an nvidia driver using the device hardware ID's (not sure if that is the issue) but i think the main reason why the 970m is being used is because i require an unlocked Bios to change which GPU it runs on? Everything up until this point has been an interesting learning curve and i feel i have almost cracked it. what do you all think, any advice would be much appreciated by myself and my laptop Im no expert on the matter but if anyone wants any advice from my experiences above i would be happy to help the best i can. Thx
  26. Is there a suitable modded driver available for an M17x R4 to run an Nvidia 970m? Are the drivers from Eurocom adequate? Thanks
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