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  2. I successessfully flashed the unlocked bios a few months back from Y580 - Y480 'unlocked BIOS' v2.07. After now getting to finally do some Hackintosh-installing with mild troubles to reanimate my Windows drive, it now seems that changes to the bios are not saved anymore. Not sure whether that was already before or after trying to get Windows to boot correctly again. Anyone has an idea how I get the BIOS to save changes again? I tried resetting to defaults, of course, but that also didn't help. It's pretty much locked down in its current state which means that the NVIDIA GTX 660m is deactivated and only Intel HD 4000 is on. I'd rather not want that to be a permanent state.
  3. Success! Managed to flash it with nvflash version provided. Thanks Klem!
  4. For flash any modified vbios, you should to use special version of nvflash (i sent it to you with vbios), also to flash any GT9XXM (Maxwell core), you should to use command : nvflash -6 vbiosname.rom In your case, use command : nvflash -6 970MOD.rom
  5. @Klem Ive been flashing the same way I flashed my other vbioses Is there something i'm doing wrong?
  6. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Nice setup there! My only concern is that blue and white are your positive current and brown is your negative current? I would suggest adding one more cable to each connector to your negative side, just in case. Two wires for positive current, two wires for negative current. After all, 20amps are quite a lot. I see you use a scotky diode. Measure output voltage (the one going to your laptop) when you stress your laptop. Measuring while only having the psu connected, isn't accurate. You mention seeing both lights from the PSUs come up? If both of them are connected to your mains, then it is OK. If you have connected one to your mains, and the other one is not, and it's light is on, the your rectifier is busted. Lastly, connect one PSU, put some load to your laptop (ex, YouTube video on FHD or 4K) and measure if the other side your rectifier has voltage. My thoughts for not working properly, are directed to your bridge. Perhaps a higher voltage/Amperage might help. I told you I used simple 20amp diodes used in photovoltaic systems. Positive cables have the diodes and then they are connected. I will try to post some photos if I have the time.
  7. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Okay now I am getting confused! I booted up my pc again this morning. I installed Google Chrome and .net framework 4.5 and just for they fun I tested the system again expecting it only to pull 330w and power throttle. But to my surprise it worked again??? The order I have installed everything this time is: 1. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit 2. Windows 6.1-KB976932-X64 (service pack 1 offline install) 1. Intel HM77 chipset 2013 2. Intel management engine interface 2013 3. Intel USB 3.0 extensible host controller 2013 4. Killer wireless-N 1103 2013 5. Microsoft visual c++ 2010 x86 6. Microsoft visual c++ 2013 x86 7. Unigine Valley 1.0 8. MSI afterburner 430 9. Restart 10. Google Chrome 11. .net framework 4.5 full setup Now I will not touch anything and create a restore point. Wondering if it was .net framework 4.5 that was missing???
  8. MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    This seems like only legitimate unlocked bios in the internet so far, this bad gfx fan is driving me crazy hope this works. If there is a newer version of gt70 0nd unlocked bios if you could pm me its appreciated.
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  10. Hi @Klem I have been digging up the internet to try find a modded vbios for my asus 970m but I have had no luck at all. I am trying to use core clock above 135+ limit and looking for power adjustment and prevent thermal throttling option in my OC widget. Are you able to help me with this? Here is the current vbios I'm using gt3.rom
  11. Hello to all I'm just anoldman looking for some help. Currently stumbling in the dark so to speak, looking for help with a laptop. Have not yet figured out how this site works to even locate the manuals for download. I see the thread wherein it was announced they had been made available, thinking back in 2014 but I am drawing blanks. Hoping to eventually figure out where the wifi card access is on my son's Clevo W355SS (Digital Storm Javelin). Amazed at how difficult it is to find model specific information. Hoping there is a point at which I can make an informational contribution.
  12. Hello! I'am Maks( i have alienware and i can't download unlock bios. I hope, admin unlock my accout) thanks
  13. HiYour bios is write protected, therefore any modified bios can be flashed by using hardware SPI programmer only.
  14. Hi @Klem i'm noob, and english is not my native language. can you make a modified vbios for GTX 940MX 4GB on my dell inspiron 7570 ? In this laptop, the throttle temperature is set at 70 °C, and i want it to reach more than 70 °C. can you please help me ?
  15. Last week
  16. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Okay here's an update, it stopped working again. And I haven't been able to make it work again. I know I installed service pack 1 and some other updates and after that it stopped working. I already tried reinstalling windows 7 3 times in one day now, trying installing the drivers in different orders but nothing will make it go above 330w. I am so close to just give up now and just sell it and buy a clevo.
  17. Nice topic. I flashed my display card. not booting Windows on my display card. I can not enter bios. Is the 4th stage the same for every nvidia card? my display card is Zotac 1 GB GTX650ti. How to find Bios chip? do not you have to solder between pins? Is it enough to hold the boot up with the tweezers?
  18. I bought a Dell m3800 on the cheap and want to beef it up a bit, by exploiting the haswell microcode glitch and swapping the on board gpu. The Dell m3800 has a quadro k1100m, chip says n15p-q1-a2. I switched it with one from a gtx765m (double the shaders same 128bit memory interface), the chip is named N14E-GE-A1. I think the soldering went well, I masked everything around the chip with a few layers of tinfoil as heatshield and used a heat gun to preheat it slowly and increased the heat later on. All solder balls were melted and I could pull the old chip clean off. After that I cleaned the joints with desolder strips, Flux and a big solderingiron. When soldering the new chip in the same way it dropped in one corner first and the rest came a moment later :/ but I still think it should make contact everywhere. So to my problem, the gpu is not being detected in gpu-z at all. It only shows up in the device manager under other devices as "3d video controller" with error code 28 windows couldn't find any drivers. Nvidia drivers need to be inf modded because the hwid isn't found anywhere. Not even in the drivers that came with it from Dell. When trying to install them it fails at some point and after that the device manager shows the gpu as "unknown device" :c Anyhow I think it ran with the open-source nouveau driver in Linux, after that I installed the proprietary one and now the install is broken. Have to try this again today. I know there are people here who did some gpu swaps and have a bit more knowledge than me. Problems could be: bad soldering, vbios incompatibility (wanted to pull it before the swap, was locked down), wrong resistor value for the gpu (I think the hwid changed with the gpu swap, but it should only be related to the one resistors some folks mentioned in another thread) Have to try it again with the nouveau driver to strike the first error reason from the list, or confirm it I guess... Edit: So i've read the other thread again about bga gpu swaping, found here Seems like the ID Resistor is only responsible for the for the last two digits of the HWID, if you take a look at the HWID database here https://vendev.org/pci/ven_10de&dev/ all the GTX 7XXm start with 11XX and the quadro k1100m ends with XXF6. Seems like i have half GTX765m and half quadro in my HWID. So i'll probably have to find my ID Resistor and change it with something from a Graphicscard with the right GPU. Edit2: Got the driver installed with inf mod to a gtx 760m but gpu-z is still not recognizing it. Also nouveau in Linux is complaining that no usable (v)bios was found. The vbios is inside the normal bios on this model. I tried simply inserting a acer 760m bios and flashed it. It'll still boot etc but everything is still the same
  19. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Thanks for answering, I found the solution!!! First I will describe my setup and then what I did to make it work. Alienware m18x R2 Windows 10 pro 64bit Swicks A11 unlocked bios Gtx 980m SLI I7 2960xm 2.9 ghz 16gb 1600 MHz ram It is water cooled, look at my thread here: In my dual power adapter I used this bridge rectifier with 40A and 60volt https://www.mouser.dk/ProductDetail/ON-Semiconductor-Fairchild/MBR4060PT?qs=3csLVnQQLU29uwhOO580Zw== Everything is soldered and the output shows 19,5 volt. First I tried to reinstall windows 10 because I also had problems with my Oculus Rift CV1 loosing too many samples. They had worked flawlessly from the first day I got them until 3 months ago. Also I lost the usb 3.0 functionality in an attempt to fix it, and was stuck at usb 2.0. I was hoping a reinstall would help, also now when I knew how to use throttlestop my CPU would stop throttling to 800 MHz. Oculus rift don't work in SLI but a heavy overclocked gtx 980m can handle it very well. But a reinstall of windows fixed nothing but my usb 3.0 worked again. The maximum power draw was still at 330w - 360w I got frustrated, formatted the computer again and install a fresh windows 7 64 bit with absolutely no preinstalled drivers. I installed all the original drivers from dell and the newest from Nvidia. I ran valley benchmark and accidentally looked at the watt meter which was now showing 565 watt!!! And when activating throttle stop it raised to 630 watt. I also overclock both my gtx 980m 75+ voltage, 271+ core clock 500+ memory clock I should mention my CPU runs at 4.4 ghz but I can get a stable overclock at 4.9 ghz. But 4.4 ghz and 2 heavy overclocked gtx 980m can draw 760watt. But what I suspect to be the whole issue is the chipset driver! Why? Because I had windows 10 on one partition and windows 7 on another partition for music making. Both would never draw more the 360w. Also using the PEG IGFX PEG trick would work until I opened throttle stop and unchecked BD Prochot. When I did that the CPU locked at 4.4 ghz but the GPU started power throttling!. So I did not suspected the Nvidia drivers, it was also not the vbios. Also I tried disabling BD Prochot in bios, it did nothing. So I started suspecting 3 things, it could be a faulty motherboard reading wrong temperature, it could be a faulty CPU or it could be the chipset driver. I am happy I got the power mod to work, now the time will show if my Oculus is working normal again too. P.S. you can build it without a bridge rectifier. I have tested it. But what happens is when you turn on one power supply, the light on the other power supply will also turn on, meaning to are sending power into the other power supply as well. Also I think it felt like the hole on the back of the computer become very hot. I only tested it for a day or two and it worked. But in the long run I don't know if it is a good idea.
  20. [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    First of all, what model do you have? If you have the R2 have you installed the A11 unlocked bios, to help you switch between iGPU and dedicated GPU to elimate throttling? Process is in a link posted above. Lastly, do you use a bridge rectifier or high amp diodes? I used bridge rectifiers initially and the voltage reaching my laptop was around 18,3volts so under heavy load, the system shut down. I used two high amp diodes (20A) for the positive voltage cables (white in my occasion). Negative cables were soldered together (black ones). Also the psu signal ones (blue ones). Don't use anything else than solder. High amps don't like twisting or any other loose connection. I also have the original one and one I got from ebay. I haven't overclocked my CPU since it is a simple 3720qm. I placed my display AFTER the connections, so I have readings for the voltage getting to the laptop, Amperage and wattage. With the diodes, voltage drops to 19volts under heavy load, Amperage is around 34amps and wattage never exceeds 600watts. I am hoping to get a 3920xm someday and max out everything to see what the maximum power draw can be. I hope I helped you.
  21. Hi Klem, Can you please unlock additional menus and vbios? And if you can unlock CPU turbo multiplier to overclock CPU if its possible Best amd thanks in advance! https://www.sendspace.com/file/0lmup4
  22. This Forum is quite dead, isn't it?

    Zombie mode activated.
  23. Hi, I just joined the forum a lately and yet nowhere a new reply to anything. So I assume that this in my opinion quite interesting forum is pretty dead. Proof me wrong guys.
  24. Those with OC'd 60hz Panels

    Did you have to tweak anything other than the hertz to get it to that?
  25. ASUS ROG G752VY G-Sync Not working !

    Hello, i own ROG G752VY which has GTX980M 4 GB VGA , a week ago i had a strange blue vertical line in my screen which already had a very bad backlighting and a dead pixel , so i decided to buy a new compatible screen , i have read a lot before buying about the G-Sync option would not work unless i flash an EDID to white list the monitor , also i knew that the monitor by default is 60 HZ but when it's white-listed it will overclock to 75HZ to support G-Sync , when i plugged the new screen there was no G-Sync option available in Nvidia control panel , also the Max refresh rate was 60 HZ, so now i don't know what to do next to enable the G-Sync option on more time . here is the old monitor and the new monitor details : Old original LG Monitor model : lp173WF4-SPF1 New Monitor : B173HAN01.0 any help would be appreciated . Thanks
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