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  3. Found my Fire Strike score on the NBR forum archive. I can attach this image for some reason
  4. Yes, the 1070 MUST run in SG mode on the M18x R2 and 18 as it has to piggyback off the Intel graphics due to the LVDS display. The M17x R4 and 17 has the 120hz 3D display option which is eDP so the 1070 works flawlessly on these. There is some performance loss with using Optimus (SG mode) on the LVDS systems. Can't find my Fire Strike score but it was in the 12,000's from memory. This site won't let me load the Time Spy image but it was 5142 with a Graphic score of 5621 and CPU of 3470. CPU is the 3920XM
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  6. Agreed How well does the 1070 work in sg mode and am I correct that it must be run in sg mode? Any 3d mark bench scores? I no longer game on my R2 but opted for a new pc build about a year ago. Still interesting to bench new cards though.
  7. The 17 R1 was released with the 700M and 800M cards and the Nvidia 3D display option. Support for this was removed from the 900M series. The two 980M's will usually bench well but as newer games don't support SLI then the single 1070 will tend to rise above the single 980M that gets utilised. The 1060 is only marginally better than a single 980M. The cost for two 980M's is also usually much more than finding a single 1070 and using a single card allows for the secondary MXM slot to be used with an MXM to NVMe adapter. I was running a 1070 in my R2 for about a year but decided to sell it and downgraded to a single 970M. There aren't many success stories of getting a 1080 to work properly so I'd advise against trying that. There are RTX cards that will work but they are the Quadro variants like the Quadro RTX 3000 (~RTX 2060)
  8. My knowledge is dated, but the 680 was the last that supported 3D. If I am remembering correctly. I am using a 1070 but it does not support 3D. The 1080 is used by some but it requires more power than the laptop can supply from the MXM slot and would require additional wiring to the card. It does not dupport 3D to my knowledge either. I am running two 980's sli in the m18x r2 and the 1070 bench's just a little better. The 1080 will yield the about the same with out additional wiring. Bench is based on 3dmark I stand corrected Just noticed what MattyB stated
  9. The 880M is the last card with 3D support. It's basically a 780m with more vRAM and it runs hot with a higher than usual failure rate. The 780M is a better card in my opinion.
  10. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with Nectua NH-D15 chromax.black ASRock B450 STEEL LEGEND G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB 3200MHz CL16 1.35v Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING OC 12G LHR GDDR6 Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W (W0133) Adata SSD XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2 PCIe + 870 QVO 2TB SSD+ WD6401AALS + HD103SJ Cooler Master COSMOS II 25th anniversary edition Glorious Model D on mouse pad: SteelSeries QCK+ 400x450(mm) and Wrist Rest Xbox One S gamepad Logitech G13, Logitech G710+ Asus MG279Q 27'' IPS 1440p 144Hz FreeSync + Dell P2418D Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus DAC/AMP, Little Dot MKII + Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm & Sennheiser HD650 Fifine 669 usb Elgato Stream Deck Keypad
  11. Hi @MyApocalypse, I've run into the same problem in the past with trying to install modded drivers. You may need to drop down into the UEFI BIOS and turn off driver signature verification. Then run the patched installer again. Either that, or see if you can extract the AltasOS nvidia driver installer from the github repo and run that. Hope this helps.
  12. I'll keep my progress posted in here thanks for the guides! I also just got a m17x R4 in the mail with the 3D screen what's the latest compatible GPU with 3D support?
  13. Hy, Bought this m14x R1 laptop for my smallest kid. Running win10. Installed Minecraft java edition runs good. But when i try Minecraft Dungeons it crashes with: UE4-Dungeons, searched internet but did not find any good help. Now i what to get bios update to get full ssd speed.
  14. Hi. is links still up ? last post is from 2020. I know i need to be Promoted, to download.
  15. Sorry to jump into a month old thread, but would that BIOS work for a Sager NP9170 that came with an AMD card instead of an NVidia? Been having a lot of trouble with the radeon 8970m. First one died (or so I thought), so I got a replacement but it's having the same issues. I can use the laptop with the integrated graphics but as soon as anything in Windows fires up the Radeon it's got about 30-40 seconds before it either beeps like crazy or just turns off, even if the radeon was only in use for 1 second. It seems to act like even if the radeon isn't in use anymore the temp is still rising (slowly) then its overheating & shuts it all down, even if the radeon isn't in use and the temp is fine. If that bios will work so I can just remove the radeon entirely for a while until I can figure out why my laptop is thinking the GPU is overheating when it's not, that'd be awesome.
  16. Last week
  17. I watched part of the video that you posted on modding the driver and the guy moves very fast and talks very fast. Maybe the guides above will help you as they did me. It took me a while the first time and several attempts. Let me know how it goes. Just briefly looked into 1070 on the r2 and MattyB states 1070 will work in sg mode please update me and this thread on your progress,
  18. I use two sources for info mod on drivers. https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-inf-driver-modding-guide.377158/ https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php Maybe these can help you double check your mod driver , If you have not used these already.
  19. I know that the earlier versions of the 1070 and 1080 would not work with the M18xr2 due to the type of screen that the r2 has which is an LVDS screen and that this was due to NVIDIA and Firmware programmed into the cards. It seems now that it might work if you can get a card with the right firmware. Please share your knowledge or sources on the this please ? I would be interested to see who would supply the cards or any additional info on this would be helpful.
  20. Mine is an M18x R2 but i did not state that before my bad. There are some users that have the R2 running with 1070 not that many though due to the card price i would think. I did research this modification before buying one otherwise i wouldn't thrown money at it XD
  21. I was replying as to Bios and how to get the mod bios to work. I need to know more about what laptop you are using? If you are using m18x r2 it will not work with with 1070 unless you are projecting to and external monitor. To my knowledge the best the r2 can do is 1060 on the laptop monitor if I remember what Mr. Fox said earlier in this thread. Please detail for me what laptop please? The 1070 works great on my m17x r4.
  22. Have a new problem. All was good i flashed A11 and then UA11. Set the bios up to recognize the new video card. Here is where i found myself at a standstill i don't quite understand yet. All was well until I went to install modified driver. I edited the nvdmi.inf for driver 472.12. I followed this guy's video below and i was able to get the new driver through the Device Manager. When it says installing then after a little bit i get "Windows encountered a problem installing driver software for your device" in there says The System cannot find the file specified. My Hardware ID 1BA1&SUBSYS_05501028
  23. Hello @Klem Can you remove the wifi whitelist and unblock the advanced bios settings please? Model: Lenovo G400S Touch BIOS Version: 7BCN36WW(V2.02) My results: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xc5s79ydvpxkpxu/results.rar/file Thank you.
  24. I would not upgrade to F.66, because it would not allow you to downgrade to F.21 e.g.
  25. Hi Klem, amazing the great help you providing here. Me too i would need an unlocked A15 Bios for my M17x R4. I had freeze problems with my gtx660m and i substitute it with the gtx980m. Switching with Fn+F7 results 8beeps, and after i boot again into Win the Integrated Graphic card is still the primary, so i need the hidden option from bios to have it started only with nvidia. I post you my results. https://www.sendspace.com/file/mea2vb Thank you a lot in advance
  26. Hey! I have an issue with my mum's Clevo W230ST. Upon startup, the keyboard backlight tuns on, along with the fan and power light. However the screen stays black. In some cases I have left it for 45 mins+ and nothing would happen. After a hard reset and another 5+ minutes, it will show the splash screen (Setup/Boot Options) and then load Windows. Has anyone else had these issues? Its running an SSD and 8GB of Corsair Dominator RAM. Also I recently did a fresh rebuild, but the oissue is prior to loading the OS. Could this be a BIOS issue? I've already reset the BIOS to default and it didnt help. Ive seen a PERMA BIOS update mentioned. Would it be worth trying that? Thanks
  27. You would have to revert to A11 bios and then install mod A11 bios. A mod bios is a modification of and installed bios and can only modify the bios it was intended for.
  28. Hidden Content HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs Lenovo X220 vs other ultraportables/ultrabooks (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) HP 2560P vs 2530P (butwhyme) HP 2560P vs 2540P vs 2530P vs 2510P (spoiler below - Tech Inferno Fan) Customized 2560P systems (ordered by approx additional expense spent) Owner Storage Other Mods 2.5" sata bay sata optical bay/2.5" caddy External Tech Inferno Fan ssd: 128GB MDS Bullet Proof hdd: 500GB/newmodeus - DC_optimized, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU SimoxTav ssd: ??? hdd: 250GB/ebay - i7-2630QM, GTX560Ti DIY eGPU, 8GB RAM vnwhite ssd: 256MB Crucial C300 hdd: 750GB/ebay - DC_optimized, i7-2820QM, 6300AGN, 8GB 1866MHz RAM RED - highest performance setup | GREEN - lowest power consumption drive setup (2.5" SSD see here). OS, drivers and disassembly Drivers, Manuals, Maintenance And Service Guide, Media Services Library with disassembly videos.Popular HP Notebook Software Collection : one-stop location for the latest versions of popular HP notebook sw.Win7 OEM sources : the additional HP installation contents added to a Win7 CD.HP/Compaq Desktop Wallpapers : A compilation of stock wallpapers from the HP and Compaq notebook rangeHP DMIFIT 118 Utility: change DMI details, eg: model number, serial, password. Used to tattoo your system in case you replace the systemboard. Usually done by a HP technican.StorageSecond hotswappable 9.5mm 2.5" HDD/SSD via optical drive bay. 2560P examples: ebay (SimoxTav) or newmodeus. e-sata/usb cable or enclosure, useful for external e-sata storage. Eg: convert optical drive to be external unitExpansionUSB 3.0: add a US$15-delivered USB 3.0 expresscard.DIY eGPU: to attach a desktop videocard via expressport. Provides HDMI/DVI and accelerated graphics. WWAN/WIFI card whitelist: the WWAN/WIFI cards the 2560P bios will bootup with.Ivy Bridge CPU retrofit for 2560P?: proposed method to get ME 8.x firmware onto a 2560P for Ivy Bridge CPU support.TweaksFlashing F.01 bios to a 2560P : to regain 1866Mhz RAM support removed in subsequent versions. Includes details on other hacks.F.28 or newer BIOS removes RAM frequency limit. Can use 1866Mhz RAM at full speed.HPFancontrol: set custom (quieter) fan profile confimed to work on a 2560P by pejxPerformance: running 1600, 1866 or 2133Mhz DDR3 RAM in a 2560p : gain up to 54%/10% single-channel/dual-channel HD3000 performance.DC_optimized: optimize the system to maximize battery life, idling at 4.7-5.2W!! Done with more sophistication by vnwhite &.Enabling third-button mouse click scrolling with touchstykDual-channel RAM: increases WEI RAM and video (1x4GB vs 2x4GB)How to enable Upgrade Bay Hard Drive boot: so can hit F9 at bios screen then boot off an optical bay caddy HDD or SSD.Disconnect upgrade bay caddy diagnostic pin: allows the system to fully shutdown rather than hang with a black screen.MiscRetrofitting webcam to non-webcam models : in case you have a non-webcam model.Backlit keyboard mod: HP Folio 13 backlit keyboard retrofit??EliteBook NightLight mod: increase the brightness/spread of the nightlight by removing the diffuser.Obtaining an expresscard blank: if lost or damaged yours. Replacement comes with an optical drive weight saver. FAQ about optical drive space saver: can it's faceplate be used on other ODDs or a caddy? Answer: no/maybe. Schematic - Inventec_Styx_MV.pdf (aka HP Elitebook 2560P). The block diagram summary is below: Hi everyone, I know this is an old post but I would be interested in some of the mods listed here for the HP Elitebook 2560p. Particularly the tweaks in the RAM speed and flashing the Bios. Is the bios F.0.1 a modified version? My laptop is running Bios Version F.50 at the moment, I have clicked in the links regarding the information listed here but I guess the info is too old and the links shows an invalid URL. I am also interested in any information how to upgrade the WIFI and Bluetooth on this laptop. If any one reading this that could be point me into the right direction regarding these mods it would be much appreciated.
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