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  2. @Klem can you increase the power limit for 980m 120w or 130w or can you edit to changable for me because I dont have 330w psu. I have p750 dm-g with G-SYNC. Thank you! GM204 stock.rom
  3. @wersuss how you solved the problem? I have p750dm g with dm card, whats yours? I under clock cpu voltage and frequency to low tdp.
  4. Best Thermal Paste

    @AleksR17x how you do that? 20s perfect.
  5. Can I use the 980m overclocked version on my clevo 750 dm-g model with G SYNC? There is only one version of this mod, can it work with latest nvidia driver?
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  7. Clevo P150em and HD 7970 problem

    Piter Thank you very much for your time to help me. But I think we think the same, because I checked the drivers from Dell and MSI I'm looking through YouTube to find a solution for Crimson drivers to work with HD9790 so I can play BF1 which requires the latest drivers : / So far all solutions do not work : / As for the laptop itself, I know it. Cool guy that you mentioned this, it shows a high level on the form :-)
  8. Hi guys, after a windows update my build stopped working. i've tried several times to reapply intel method on fresh windows 10 installs but i can no longer have the LArge memory area configured which is extremely frustrating, im on bios 2.67 is anyone else facing this problem rececntly? thanks for the help.
  9. You could build a dual power supply and the info is on this site. Not sure that pascal can utilize it properly though.
  10. Hi @ all, I just tried to find an unlocked vBios for my GTX 970M - without any success. All I found was: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/ocmod-peformance-vbios-for-ge72-6qf.804468/#post-10520502 The problem ist that I am not able to flash that vbios --> alway getting the error (even if the cards seems to be the same): NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.227) ************* Mod ************* Checking for matches between display adapter(s) and image(s)... Adapter: GeForce GTX 970M (10DE,13D8,1462,112D) H:--:NRM S:00,B:01,PCI,D:00,F:00 WARNING: Firmware image PCI Subsystem ID (1462.116D) does not match adapter PCI Subsystem ID (1462.112D). WARNING: None of the firmware image compatible Board ID's match the Board ID of the adapter. Adapter Board ID: E90B Firmware image Board ID: E910 ERROR: Board ID mismatch So I'd like to request an unlocked vBios (if possible with the same settings than that one above) for this Laptop's GPU; Laptop: Barebone MS-16F4 GPU: 970M 3GB Attached is the stock vBios dumped by me using NVFlash. Many thanks in advance! GM204.rom
  11. The title says all. But as a side note of why I want Want this is because. I have my Alienware 17 R3 plugged into a my graphics amp watching some youtube videos. I had long day that i kind passed out in my dxracer chair. after waking up i clock out of youtube and then I when down stair to grab a snack. I came back up and now the Screen is completely frozen. no bsod or anything. just frozen. nothing is responding .i help the power butt down and then power it back on. well.... No I the unit powers with lights, the fan try to start then they stop. every time the computer tries i try to power it on. this repeats 3 times. the i start getting 7 beeps. Also the screen is black not blacklight. It tried everything like resetting the bios with the clear pins under the memory module slots but nothing... I believe this is a corrupted bios. I need to flash it back to normal. It make sense... i blame windows 10 for updating my drivers like my DPTF for screwing my machine goiong back to windows 8.1 pro for sure this time... I have already tried the pillow trick. I know my cpu, gpu, or pch did not over heat. The temps idles at 30-40 degrees and highest the cpu and gpu ever got to was 70-80 on full load via liquid Metal thermal paste. My laptop was not hot. i know my bios was set to unsecure boot mode and i recently installed the newer bios. the other thing was i has speed step disabled and had throttle stop controller my clock going up to 3.6ghz no higher. I also had my cpu core voltage offset to -145 and the cache off set to -120 via throttle stop... starting to think i should not of touched the cache voltage... i kinda of realise i think i screwed my cpu with the voltages. I may need to get a new one and solder it on.... Please help? I am at work and trying this quick post im sorry for the grammar and spelling . thank you so much in advance!
  12. There is no error code. Device manager says, that device is working properly. Egpu is detected. I will post an image of device manager as soon as I can.
  13. To resolve, use "surge protected sockets" for egpu power supply (and your laptop). You can get them built into an extension lead or ups, also standalone.
  14. any error code? or just egpu is not detected in devices manager ?
  15. HI, this is your CHIPSET unlock http://www.mediafire.com/file/jw76tr7hznglrro/GROZNY.rar
  16. Hello! Thank you for your answer, but in my case that happens. I also do not know, how is this possible. When I press WIN +P and select second dosplay only, nothing happens. There is a text on external display, telling me, that there is no signal with PC. Also my PC can not find any other display connected, only laptops built in display.
  17. So I just installed a Clev 880m 8GB into my 2011 M17xR3 installed the modified drivers etc from Eurocom, specifically the Windows 10 drivers, the computer is actually working again fine except for the fact I have no sound, I disabled HD audio before removing the old graphics card, and installed the new card, booted it up, installed all the drivers played D3 for about 45 minutes with no sound, this was 40 minutes longer than I have ever been able to before since removing my fried 580m, and I went into the Bios to re-enable HD audio and when the PC booted I would get a solid color screen, sometimes white, sometimes yellow, and pink, but no booting past that, when i disable the HD Audio the PC works fine again minus sound, any hints on how to fix this? thank you for your time -Anton
  18. Hi All! I recently brought a external GPU setup and have been testing, I purchased the following: EXP GDC V8 MSI GTX960 Dell DA-2 Dell E7440 Laptop (8gig Ram , Intel i5, Intel 4400 Integrated graphics card) - No descrete GPU. I have been reading a lot of helpful stuff on this forum and thought I would put my problem out there and see if anyone knows a fix ! My issue is INTERNAL DISPLAY on EXP GDC Everything works great with the EXP GDC with External HDMI connection! However the Laptop screen is always BLANK when the graphics card is working. When using the external GPU and go to device manager my Intergrated Intel 4400 has the little yellow sign next to it with error 43 “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) ” I believe this is the issue , from what I have seen on other peoples pictures both graphics cards should be working without errors , including the Intergrated intel 4400. I have tried many times to boot the external GPU after boot but this never works. And if it does work the card simply doesn't display in Device Manager. I believe this is because my PCI ports are not HOT SWAPPABLE. I actually have the same issue as this person: https://www.reddit.com/r/eGPU/comments/68ip6m/external_graphics_on_dell_e7440_with_working/ I think the trick here is I need to get this Intel 4400 working so that I can do the driver hack in order to send the GTX960 to the internal display. I have played around in GPU Setup 1.30 by ****** . However No options seem to work. I tried bios options but it is very limited and there are none relating to graphics cards as there is no D-GPU in this machine. What I think the issue maybe: *My laptops PCI ports are not HOT SWAPPABLE therefore I cannot turn on the graphics card after the computer boots and the laptop only wants to use 1 card and disable the other *My laptop does not have a D-GPU (no built in gpu just the intel 4400) therefore maybe this means it does not have optimus and I cannot switch between graphics cards or have two running at the same time? *The Nvidia drivers are not hacked correctly and disabling my Intel card If I cant use the Internal Display this setup is no use to me so any advice would be very helpful ! Thanks heaps !! - Andre
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  20. Hey guys, so I just got promoted, and thus finally given a chance to OC my K3000M (Dell M6700) further than 135MHz. Everything went fine, dealt with the SSID mismatch, rebooted. Did not expect the VBIOS version info to show up in the corner, this kinda feels like good ol' times of Riva TNT2. Then I went into BIOS, disabled legacy ROM and enabled Secure Boot. Boom, black screen. Plugging an external display worked though so I just re-enabled legacy ROM and everything is working fine, though I'm not exactly happy with those few seconds added to boot time by vbios info and legacy mode. Is there a way around this? Also posting my vbios backup here because why not. K3000M-BACKUP.zip
  21. Do not quite follow , u connected hdmi to eGPU and run game on external monitor bu game was running on hd4000 ? that's just not possible if u connect HDMI to eGPU it needs to be screen switched for it to display externally .
  22. Clevo P150em and HD 7970 problem

    Disabling the graphics card in device manager doesn't make your screen go blank, OS just uses it's basic driver instead, so you see everything but probably in a bad resolution and/or interface may be laggy. I've found some Alienware drivers, try these. http://www.dell.com/support/home/pl/pl/pldhs1/drivers/driversdetails?driverId=4NYM5&fileId=3204468754&osCode=W764&productCode=alienware-m17x-r4&languageCode=po&categoryId=VI Before installing them be sure to uninstall drivers for both cards - using their respective uninstallers, and then in device manager - like this: Don't reboot before installing the new drivers - it's important, Windows may then install drivers from it's own store, and since you're having problems we already know these don't fit.
  23. Unlocking Chipset Menu in AMI Aptio V Bios?

    Hello , I have ASUS model GL552VX unlocked BIOS but I couldn't unlock the Chipset menu... could you please do that for me? take your time and no pressure at all I'm not asking for any ETA's. I uploaded my BIOS dump on my google drive , Thank you. My System dump
  24. Hello everyone! I had problem with error 43 with external gpu (gtx 1050). I am using EXP GDC with mini pcie to plug gpu into laptop. So, my problem was, that all nvidia drivers gave me error 43. Than I installed driver version 372.70 over latest driver and error 43 disappeared. Gtx 1050 was working properly. Nvidia control panel detected it and i pluged in external monitor via HDMI on eGPU. There was no signal with monitor. When i ran a game, i noticed, that is it running on hd 4000 and not on my eGPU (I set control panel to use high performance nvidia gpu). I think, that problem is in driver, because version 372.70 is not compatibile with gtx 1050. So, what can I do? Should I buy new gpu (gtx 750ti) or mod nvidia drivers? Would changing bios settings help me? I think, these are the only sollutions for my problem. I will be realy happy, if someone helps me to solve this problem.
  25. HI, I'd like to remove whitelist and unlock advanced menus within the BIOS https://www.sendspace.com/file/mj2om7 Many Thanks
  26. For those of you with a y410p......

    The 755m ultrabay has popped up on ebay. It's a bit expensive for what it is, but perhaps you can negotiate a lower price if you're interested. This is only the second 755m4 I've ever seen for sale (I grabbed the first) so they're pretty rare in the west.
  27. That voltage change, need move slider min +312.5mV, in this case voltage 1.175V. Thanks again.
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