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  • 2016 and Beyond: What are we missing in laptops/notebooks?


    Mr. Fox is holding a brainstorm session in the forums asking: What's missing in current notebooks that you would like have added? Not your typical 4k display but something that takes hold of the imagination and breaks the status quo. Read the rest of his post below for details and the original post link.


    ORIGINAL POST BY @Mr. Foxhttps://forum.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8869-2016-and-beyond-what-are-we-missing-in-laptopsnotebooks/ now merged with @Prema thread into one. 


    After visiting with our friends at Eurocom about their quest to drive the future of computing technology, I decided to pose the question to the community to brainstorm as many ideas as possible.


    I could not identify a perfect sub-forum for it, so I chose this one. It is not for one company, but all of them. Hopefully, they will be paying attention. I know that the Eurocom Team will be, and hopefully at least a couple of others that care enough to be disruptive.


    As the thread title suggests, this thread is not a place to list out the features that you want in a notebook/laptop if those are available already. Rather, it's a twist on your typical wish list and poses the question about what we want to see that is not available.


    In other words, no need to mention 4K. That's already here and starting to become popular. No need to mention an eGPU contraption. We already have a couple of those available. No need to mention thin and light... we already have a plethora of options like that.


    What do you want that IS NOT available?

    Yes, WILD and CRAZY ideas and concepts more than features are what we want here.

    Let imagination be your guide and assume all things are possible in the future.


    • Dare to hate the status quo.
    • Innovation and the future go together.
    • Innovation is capability to create the future.


    The only stupid ideas are those you keep to yourself. After posting your ideas here, see if the company you do business with has a suggestion box email, and use it. Point them here as well. If they not, or even if they do, feel free to use the email suggestion box that Eurocom has made available: future@eurocom.com if you would like to.


    The more ideas we share, the brighter the future can be.

    To set an example, I will go first...

    - - - Updated - - -

    First, I want:



    • X99 laptop with 5960X CPU
    • Delid from the OEM/Reseller
    • Three-way SLI
    • 1KW AC adapter
    • Internal liquid cooling for CPU and GPU (please, no desk-bound colostomy bag for the GPU a la ASUS)
    • No more plastic laptop bodies... metal, metal and more metal in the chassis


    Second, I want AMD to make a comeback and kill the monopoly that NVIDIA and Intel have on the industry.

    Third, I want a real, full-fledged, fully functional OS replacement for Micro$oft Windows. Since they have lost their way and are trying to do a one-size fits all OS loaded with spyware, the Redmond Mafia is no longer adding value to being a PC owner. I want a new OS that can run anything made for Windows; not a half-baked Linux that only does some things well... and not something from Apple. Something fitting for the hardware mentioned under my first want.


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      Yesterday I bought Witcher 3. Of course on 1080p it's impossible to play, because of about 10fps
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