Introducing ThrottleStop 3.00 – Tech|Inferno’s own build!

Posted on Apr 5 2011 - 2:35am by Brian K.

ThrottleStop 3.00

As many of you are already aware, ThrottleStop is an overclocking utility designed for CPU’s ranging from the C2D series all the way up to the latest desktop Sandy Bridge processors. It offers a wide range of options from changing an extreme CPU’s TDP/TDC (to reach higher sustained turbo boost frequencies) to multiplier manipulation. Other features include core voltage control for C2D processors, SLFM (super low frequency mode) for 45nm C2D processors, CPU and GPU temperature monitoring and much more.


For example, the feature for clock modulation control is explained as follows:

Clock Modulation

This is a feature of Intel CPUs since the Pentium 4 era and is also known as On Demand Clock Modulation. It was provided so users could manually reduce the performance of their computer to improve battery life or reduce heat output. It reduces the internal speed of your computer so when this is being used, your computer will run slower. In the Monitoring area the current modulation value will be shown in the CMod% column. Intel allows a user to select any value between 100.0% and 12.5% in steps of 12.5%. A reading of 100.0% shows that your computer is running at full speed and Clock Modulation is not being used to reduce the performance of your CPU. A reading of 50.0% means your computer is operating at half of its designed performance level.


Changes included in this build are as follows:

April 4, 2011 – Version 3.00 – Tech Inferno Edition. Fixed the Options not being saved when in profile 2, 3 or 4. Fixed the BD PROCHOT reporting. Fixed AC/DC default profile switching when the battery is rapidly discharging. Changed it so clock and chipset clock modulation will not automatically be turned off when ThrottleStop first starts so you can monitor for this problem before making any changes. Documented about a dozen rarely used INI file options. Added a SplitQuad INI option for the Core 2 Quad CPUs. See the above docs for more info.

ThrottleStop is available in our download section, we encourage all performance enthusiasts to check it out. The staff at T|I would like to thank Kevin for his continued hard work on this utility for the community.

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  1. akbisw July 26, 2011 at 8:01 PM - Reply

    First!! and yea thanks for this Brian. kudos to the devs. Im running a 55W E8435 in my puny ACER 5739G undervolted(no more shutting down after 5 minutes of use) and thanks to you guys my $80 processor is taking advantage of a $200 6770M in 2-3hrs gaming sessions.

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